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Blue Grass Ojai


Memorial Day Weekend

Farmer and the Cook

The weekend was a great deal of fun.

On Sunday I went hiking in Ojai with Anna and her friend Marge.  We found a wonderful trail by the Matiliga creek and hopped from boulder to boulder along the river bed.  It was extraordinary to see how the Little Dog learned to negotiate what at first perplexed him.  The first time we crossed the river he waded through the water, the second time he followed me jumping over the rocks, the third he found his own path, from then on he would guide me.

God daughter Lily

We explored the town of Ojai which is pleasant enough although a little heavy with craft/art shops and white people.  We counted only two black faces.  No Asians, no Indians, no Afro-Caribbean.   Just white, hippy looking rich people.

Us included.

Had lunch at Farmer and the Cook as per Jen’s recommendation.  A shack on El Roblar Drive which reminded me of The Goods Shed in Canterbury.  The Mexican food was a little bland but the produce looked spectacular.  The staff were lovely.   Big crush on Brandon the red-head,

To tell you the truth, I am not a great fan of Mexican food.   It is always so stodgy but, I suppose, good pre hike fuel.

On Monday I stayed with the Piettes and my God Daughter Lily.  We attended the Malibou Mountain Club soft ball match.  I looked after the children whilst Jason played soft ball.  Jennifer had her Out of The Box orders to attend to.  It was a simple and lovely day.

The twins picked me up late last night.

By the by, my Australia friend Ignatius Jones has created a spectacular light show on the side of the Sydney Opera House.   Check it out here:

Perfect weekend.