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Jane Hotel

Staying in Soho House before moving to Jane Hotel.  Soho House is like coming home.  Hand written notes and presents from the manager Pierre.   The burgers we ate last night were delicious.  The staff are kind and considerate and incredibly helpful.

I had bad news and good news yesterday.   The bad news was about going home-the good news was about staying home.  I am being deliberately obtuse.

God, it was a very long day.  Up at 4am for my 7.15am flight.  Up in the air for 15 minutes then turning back mid air with instrument problems-something to do with the altitude meter.  I don’t know.   It meant that we didn’t take off until 1.30pm so I got to know my fellow travelers very well-too well.  I also became acquainted with the appalling customer service on offer-or not on offer-from American Airlines.  American Airlines, shit service, shit planes, vile attitude.  My fellow travelers were so incensed that airport security had to be called.  I, on the other hand, did not lose my temper once. I was a paragon of virtue.

Arrived in New York at 9.30pm, Soho House by 10.30pm.

Slept turbulently in my huge bed, the tossing and turning on the airplane revealing itself as I slept.  Full of fear, dreaming my house in Malibu was burning-the second apocryphal dream about that house.  The last included a bunch of women.  My nightmare was so bad a few nights ago my screaming out actually woke the neighbors.

Sophie Dahl’s cookery show is a sham-so say the Brit TV cook clan.  Not really surprising-she must be one of the most inauthentic people I ever met.  What the hell does she know about cooking?  I threw a dinner party for her, Zoe Tryon and Alecia Moore (Pink) at my house last year.  Sophie was sulky, bad tempered and rude.  Gosh, how the vile are rewarded.

Apparently one should never invite just women to a dinner.

Staying in Jane Hotel on Hudson.  Very basic, but lots of fun.  Full of cute young Spanish boys, half naked in the corridors on their way to the shared bathrooms. My room has a bathroom.  Elevator smells of disinfectant, the corridors of fresh paint.  The restaurant downstairs has been designed to look a little like it was very old but actually just looks unfinished.  The ballroom is charming as is the Moroccan influenced bar.  I have a corner room over looking the river.  I like a view.

Dinner with Joan and Joe last night at Kenmare.   All round disaster.  Food had to be sent back; my chair was pummeled by wait staff that seemed to lack any basic spatial awareness.  The vegetables were simply inedible.  The steak over cooked.  The pudding… instantly forgettable.

Lastly, why are there so many insipid, suburban gays?   When I was growing up all the gays I knew were sophisticated, arty and fabulous-it occurred to me that the dull gays might have tended to stay in the closet.   I wish they’d stayed there.

These beautiful days in NYC were spent with Jake but I wasn’t allowed to write about it.

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Boy, when your cranky, your realllly cranky! Hope your stay goes better, seeing as it couldnt have gotten much worse.
Dreaming bad things about ones home is just that.. a dream. Your just stressing over things you cant control. And not all suburban gays are dull, lol, they just seem dull compared to you. It must be hard to be you some days. Now please , go and try to enjoy yourself.


Sorry that you had such a disappointing day, yesterday. I’m sorry for the terrible dream that you had. I took a psych course from the author of a book on dreams, called “The Complete Dream Book”, Gillian Holloway, PhD.. I couldn’t remember her name (It’s been a while.), so I had to try to find it on the Internet. I remember her saying that in dreams like tripping on the carpet on the stairs and falling, that the 1st thing to do before going all metaphysical was to check to see if the carpet might be loose. The subconscious picks up things that the conscious mind might not be catching. With all the wildfires that have happened, maybe you’re just replaying a fear of that happening where you are but it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that all the brush and fire loving material is cleared away, especially, close to the house. Next, find out where the source of water is for the fire department should they need to come. Maybe install a cistern or two to capture rainwater to be used in an emergency.

That said, I copied the following from another website for you to peruse. I’d check out the stuff under “Emotions” since you’ve been under a strain. Even for a person not in recovery, what you’ve been through would be a trial. I’m hoping that maybe the info under “Seeing Red” about alchemical references is what’s really going on, although it may be a message with many layers. (I’d reference my copy of Gillian’s book, but mine, alas, are in storage.):

“Dreams Site
Aisling Ireland
BellaOnline’s Dreams Editor

Fire – Dream Symbol

Ancient mythology tells us that fire came to humanity not as a gift from the gods but as a spoil of an act of thievery. It was stolen from the god Zeus by the cunning Prometheus. Prometheus was rewarded for outsmarting Zeus by being chained to a rock and having his liver eaten daily by an eagle.

In mythology, fire was a complex symbol meaning far more than warmth and comfort. It was in fact, the very “means of life.” Fire as a dream symbol is as complex as its mythology. Here are some interpretations of dream fire forms.

Lightning, while destructive if encountered in a direct hit, is often symbolic of sudden enlightenment. In addition to spiritual enlightenment, lightning may also symbolize a sudden flash of inspiration or the spontaneous answer to a vexing problem. It can also represent an unexpected event–a ‘bolt out of the blue’.

Kundalini Rising
“Snakes in a Dream” ( ) took a look at the various ideas dream snakes symbolize. One of the aspects of snakes not covered in that article is the snake as a symbol of kundalini. In Hinduism kundalini is an energy that sleeps in the base of the spine coiled up like a serpent. Kundalini, when awakened, uncoils and flames up the spine into the brain. In some cases this fire is the flame of illumination or enlightenment. Therefore, fire or even a snake or dragon in a dream, may herald a spiritual awakening, or a radical change in spiritual perspective.

Fire in dreams, especially fire that appears in the form of erupting volcanoes or irrepressible wildfires may symbolize emotions that are out of control. These symbols are especially representative of suppressed anger–anger that has reached its boiling point and can no longer be contained. Take care to examine your life and address these issues so as to prevent the damage that can occur to interpersonal relationships during and emotional meltdown.

Seeing Red
Another way fire may manifest in dreams is by seeing the color red. Of course the color red may symbolize things other than fire, but keep fire in mind as a possible meaning when it appears in your dream. The type of fire that red represents may be the fire of passion or something far more spiritual.

To alchemists, red was the color of the ‘fulminato’–the time when all the forces were coming together to at last become the ‘Great Work’. Red in this context symbolized the creative force of fire. As such, red dreams may suggest that a project or idea you have been working on is finally getting near the point of transformation. It is important here to be careful with yourself as fire can burn as well as transform!

Creativity and Nourishment
A campfire, fireplace, cook top or oven may show fire in its symbolic form as a creative agent or provider of sustenance. Remember dreams often communicate via wordplay and all of these symbols are associated with places where things are ‘cooking’. This type of cooking can be a simmering creative project, a successful business endeavour, or may even signify birth.

Spiritual Guidance
Dreams of torches, candles, or lanterns can represent spiritual guidance. Is someone holding the candle? If so, who is it and where are they going? If you are holding the candle yourself this dream may indicate wisdom from your higher self.

In the Tarot the Hermit card is often depicted as a sage carrying a lantern symbolizing the illuminating light of wisdom that shows through even in the dark night of the soul, the light that is present even in darkness. In this capacity, the soft light of the candle or torch can be representative of hope, even it that hope appears to be terrifyingly small.

When interpreting dreams don’t forget that they speak the language of metaphor. Fire dreams are no exception. Look for fire not only in its obvious form but in some of the more cleverly disguised ways we have discussed. Remember, Prometheus brought us fire by slipping it past Zeus–your dreaming mind may be doing the same by bypassing the conscious censor in order to bring you spiritual wisdom.

Until next time, sleep well and dream out loud!”

As for not inviting just women to a dinner party… excuuuse me. I think that it depends very much on the women invited. It sounds like you need a social secretary, like they have in embassies, to decide who to invite and who to sit next to whom, so everyone has a lovely time and no one starts contemplating poisoning someone else’s tea. 😛

As for the cute, young, Spanish boys… remember AAA: Alert, Avert, Affirm. LOL 😉

Lastly, as to insipid, suburban gays… you wanted to see integration, you’re starting to see it. Not everyone is brilliant, fabulous to look at and a scintillating conversationalist. Some, alas, are just cookie cutter worker bees. The artists, musicians and writers were the ones braving the mountainous crest of the wave of a new zeitgeist, who couldn’t &/or wouldn’t be silenced and invisible. Now, the drones are riding the smaller waves to shore. Sometimes reality bites. 😉 Just kidding. Honestly, this is a GOOD thing. Just not your cup of tea.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL & productive time in NYC.





I wish that ‘Lil Dog was there to cuddle up with you and chase those nasty dreams away. *MetalRabbit (with permission) gives Duncan bear hug* Hang in there.



The “cookie cutter worker bees” may have a bone to pick with Metal Rabbit…
( who while wise …. may be exhausted from typing? )

Moira & Robb,

Dudes! *MetalRabbit says “Namaster” & bows to Robb & Moira* I wasn’t the one that said “insipid, suburban gays”. LOL I was just trying to put everything in perspective. As for “worker bees”, I was one & have great respect for those who keep the infrastructure going; intend to be one right soon. As for typing… cut & paste is God’s gift to the word processor. 🙂 🙂 🙂



Yeesh, “Namaster”?!! Meant “Namaste”. Spell check would be the 2nd gift to word processors. *Hangs head in shame* 😉

I was just poking a little fun at you and at Duncan. Certainly didn’t take anything personally. I don’t mind being a worker bee. When I realized that I was not going to make a huge mark on the world, I came to appreciate my ability to make hundreds of little marks!
Namaste back at ya.
Duncan, I just read your Nov/Dec posts about your Malibu house and all your beautiful plans for your garden. The pictures of the fruit you harvested from your own garden were delicious.

Speaking as a worker bee who is illicitly (sp?) reading Duncan’s blog while at work, I have nothing terribly interesting to say at the moment (however, I do love my work). Just tired from droning all week. Somebody has to keep the infrastructure intact.

I have had many, many house/home dreams throughout my life, and they always seem to come at key points in my life. They have revealed my deepest yearnings and my emotional growth spurts. My opinion is that the dreamer has the best shot at interpreting all the inherent, very personal, symbolism, although it may take time. Or it could be very clear to you–my house dreams stay clear in my memory for ever it seems–they reveal a great deal at the time I dream them, and I continue to learn from them over the years.
Rhetorical question–what is a Soho House?

Ghastly tummy – the curse of Kenmare? There is nothing more disappointing than an undelicious, poorly executed restaurant meal. [Fantasy of having Gordon Ramsay armed with multiple F-bombs show up at Kenmare’s kitchen door unannounced.] Do feel better. Ginger ale works.

Kenmare is a fabulous restaurant and has only been open since Monday so there were a few glitches…it was an unfortunate meal…..BUT…..having Duncan at our table made our dinner divine….xo

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