Tea and Times

Tim and Duncan Tea and Times December 2010

Well and truly stranded in Whitstable with the temperature plummeting below minus 5 degrees celsius.

The snow has frozen into crisp, wind-swept  gullies, the car iced into its space in the car park, the dog makes its way cautiously into the biting air, pisses then runs back inside.

Bleak mid winter, frosty winds made moan…

Bought a shoulder of lamb yesterday.  Cooked it slowly in the oven on a bed of rosemary and garlic.  Slow roasting it to perfection.  We sat around the table heartily carving the great piece of meat, eating it with cabbage and roast potatoes.

After the lamb we scoffed great hunks of Stollen and mugs of tea.  This is Whitstable living and I love it.

I spent the day, as I mentioned yesterday, walking the dog..meeting old friends and keeping warm.

I had a slight HIM relapse.  Entitled prick made his way back into my mind.

This is addiction at it’s very worst.

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This is what I do not understand Duncan – and please, please note that I am saying this with your best intentions at heart…

The HIM relapse has clearly affected you negatively and you talk of addiction still being present. I have offered to work with you on this to enable you to totally overcome it and you appear resistant.

It may be that you have people in your life telling you that you cannot do this, or that it’s OK to hold on to certain things …. and sometimes what is best is to have a new perspective that allows us to move forward and even beyond what you thought was possible in the past.

So I’m sorry if this is not what you want to hear … and it’s only because I saw you on the rehab show and liked you ….. and know the benefit you can receive from what I am offering, if only you are open to seeing what can be done. I know you don’t want to remain in the addict behaviour …. do you …. it’s time to make that change.


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Nigel…..may I ask who you are and what do you do? I Googled a Nigel Horwood in the UK and came up with someone who is some type of hypnotherapist and coach…is that you?

Yes that’s right. A Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. When I saw Duncan (and the others with him) go through the mill on the rehab TV show I felt for them and wanted to help. It’s not necessary to re-live the past in such ways to enable someone to let go of things in a meaningful way, so that they know consciously that it’s dealt with…. and the results can be far greater with some other methods – which is what I was offering to pass on ….

D, you seem more @ peace at home , it’s nice to see a actual sparkle back on your face. Random bad thougts can’t bring you down, only if you let them. Keep busy and bask in the warm you feel at home. And I almost forgot about stolen, my nana made some that was heaven.

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