Snowed In

Totally trapped in Whitstable!  So many old friends to be trapped in the town with.  Lovely seeing everyone.  Had tea in Wheelers with Anita and Michael.  Adam and I drank more tea and ate mince pies by the fire at Carol’s house.  Saw Tim at Tea and Times where Ronnie came a’visiting and I caught up on all the local gossip.

Ronnie showed us pictures on his phone of a dead polar bear.

Meant to be in London today dealing with Jake’s iPod fiasco but God dumped a trillion tons of snow on Kent so we are all stranded.  Hurrah!

The Little Dog just LOVES the snow as you can see from these pictures.

[wpvideo 1ChbTjQG]

I am rather hoping that I get stranded here for Christmas!

By the way, did I ever mention to you that whilst I was in the police cell that miserable day in July Jake met a man from Manhunt and sex with him.    That was supportive wasn’t it?

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Duncan – do you get as far as reading any comments in reply to your posts? Not sure if you see these or not?

It’s just there is something important I need to ask you, so not sore how best to reach you?!


Please email me so I can clarify things with you…
[email protected]

Cheers Duncan.

I will not push where I am not wanted, since I respect your right to do your own thing.

Just to be sure though, I wanted you to know that I saw your Dr Drew time on TV and was not sure how much of the past you had dealt with in a way that you have been able to completely move past it. If you are totally comfortable with things now and so in no need of help, then I will leave you to it and wish you well.

If there are still some aspects of those past negative events that you re-live and affect you in the present, then I was offering you the chance to deal with that in a more comfortable and confidential way, so that you will KNOW it is finally resolved – and you can then move on with a more resourceful and controlled state of mind & behaviour. The method I use is highly effective and I do guarantee my results, so would be happy to discuss things with you further.

I shall leave it with you and if/when needing or ready for help, I would love the opportunity to enable you to get the outcome you deserve.



Sadly Jan, I have to go to police station and deal with it…so it’s not something that I want to do. If it is any consolation I am well over him at the moment.

Fun pictures but I hate snow! My dog would never run around like that in the snow, she just freaks out and tries to get right back inside. The mince pies sounds yummy. For some reason at first I read that as “mice pies”, which would be less yummy.

Well okay I feel silly actually posting as I’ve up until now been silently appreciative of you but something about the positive affirmations moved me. And yes Duncan you are. All of it. Yes.
I became a fan last year watching you on Rehab. I too am a sex addict. Also I am a woman who caught her husband cheating with other men. I guess because being a sex addict isn’t shameful enough, eh? Fuck. Anyway…I appreciate that you’ve made mention of Jake’s treatment of his exgf. How unfair and dishonest he was to her and how he put her health in danger. There was something deeply cathartic in reading those statements. Validating. And even though those comments weren’t for my benefit I thank you.
Just letting you know that I’m sending prayers and healing thoughts because your thoughts and musings here have been very healing for me.
Cheers Love.

Hooked up with some guy while you were sitting in jail for his sake? What a fucking creep. That is just beyond the pale.

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