Fuck You John McCain

Fuck You John McCain for telling the world that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a ‘sad day’. This is a small step toward equality for gay people in the USA. One Small Step.

The Senate vote is a vindication of Obama‘s decision to push for congressional repeal as opposed to unilateral executive action, though activists note he could have done both.

I am in Whitstable at my friend Carol’s house. She is having a huge party. It is thumping loudly in the cellar as I write. I know everyone in the house..everyone. This is small town living and I love it. Carol’s handsome son is a chef and has made delicious food.

They are downstairs drinking vodka and gin. They are listening to Senegalese music. They are eating the food and clapping and we are all wearing false moustaches.

I fell asleep.

At 5am I woke up and wandered downstairs to see what was going on and ended up with some good-looking 33-year-old. Really sexy eyes, hairy tummy.

I have been thinking a great deal about the life I left behind in LA. I wrote to a man I see around town called Dan Halstead..a manager. At his behest I wrote a little note explaining what has been going on with my health…sooner or later I will write in-depth here about the tumor..anyway, I wrote explaining everything and I received a two-word reply. I wondered why I even bother?

Before, before the show, before Jake, before returning to my home town..I would have been disappointed. Now, I just think it’s funny. His constipated reply made me laugh.

LA, NYC, LONDON…Sydney. The list goes on. I wish I could start again. Just like I did when I got sober. I started again and everything was new. Born Again.

The truth is: I am so disconbobulated that I don’t know where I should be.

Earning so much money these past months from selling art that I presently have no financial worries…but you know as well as I do…the drama, the interminable drama continues.

I could really do without what has been happening this past year.

Left a message for Phil to call me. When she returned my call I couldn’t bring myself to speak with her. It’s fucked up. Yet, I have held onto her for many years (for all the wrong reasons) so that she too becomes just part of the narrative.  The unfolding drama of my life.

On a good note I have been speaking to writers informally about our project. I think the majority understand what the film is about. Most of them get it but can any of them write it?

I am really enjoying watching British TV. Good political debate, fresh ideas and very little tabloid sensationalism. The news, when not competing for ratings, does as it is meant to: inform impartially.

Thinking a great deal about AA and my other 12 Step programmes and how much time I have wasted adhering to a programme that looks to all the world like some kind of white country club. There’s more to mine there, these thoughts about my cultish AA.

Really want to get back to a time where I was free of resentment. It is a gruelling, miserable state of affairs. Every fucking day my loathing is renewed.

Have a great deal to sort out and the only way I think I can sort any of it, overcome the profound sense of loss is to create..make something useful.

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So your loathing is renewed every day ….. and you want to overcome that profound sense of loss?

You’ve tried stuff so far that has not worked and I ask – have you given up?

You write as if overcoming the loathing and loss is important to you – is it important enough to do something – take a chance on someone who’s not simply telling you what you want to hear?!

Maybe this annoying twat might have something after all ….. hmmm …. I wonder?

the new york meetings are not full of country club types — very basic, a lot of spoken truth and healing…and i always get so much out of your blog pieces…

Your title echoes my opinion as well, though I wasn’t as colorful when I thought of it. If there’s one area in politics where I have a clear stand, it’s equality for all.

I have seen you post numerous times asking Duncan to contact you….I find that very odd. I Googled you and see that you do some type of coaching and Hypnotherapy and have been doing this for 5 years. You keep pestering Duncan to contact you saying you can help him etc… usually a professional does not canvas for clients in the manner ….very strange indeed. I am a personal friend of Duncans and I agree that Duncan is angry for many reason and does have some issues (don’t we all) but I really believe if he wanted your help he would contact you. And this “Maybe this annoying twat might have something after all ….. hmmm …. I wonder?”
Nigel, what exactly are you trying to achieve here?

You have the year from hell, I wish the New Year to be full of good health, wealth and true happiness and peace of mind.
Forgive yourself…. it’s allowed.

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