Sanary Sur Mer – Canadel Sur Mer

Sanary Sur Mer

The last few days of our great adventure.   We left Sanary and the Hotel de la Tour yesterday morning taking time to stop at the market to buy chicken, fruit, macaroons and a delicious loaf of artisan bread.  Fruit included huge white peaches, yellow plums and sweet apricots.

We loved Sanary Sur Mer and were delighted to discover that Aldous Huxley lived there.  After 1933, when Hitler came to power, dozens of German intellectuals took refuge in what was then just a sleepy fishing port – amongst them Bertolt Brecht and Thomas Mann.

The road along the coast is not nearly as busy as one might expect.   We drove through Toulon which was badly bombed during the 2nd World War and onto the Iles d’Hyeres where we ate the delicious chicken and fruit on a huge beach and swam in very warm water.   The little dog is not allowed on any of the beaches so we smuggle him everywhere in his little bag where he sleeps contentedly.

After lunch I call Edouard who, by amazing coincidence, lives a mere hour away from where we were swimming so we arranged to stop in on him and his visiting Australian friends.  Edouard’s parents house is a Provencal gem.  A huge pool overlooking the ocean, hundred year old terracotta tiles and elegant furnishings.

Nearby we found a small hotel for the night called the Hotel de la Plage recommended by the Guardian Newspaper (described as Cheap and Chic) where I am now sitting at 8am under the unusually fragrant Oleander writing this and answering emails.

We joined Edouard and the Australians for a lazy afternoon swim in the tiny bay.

After our delicious swim they drank chilled rose and I citron presse.  The young men tidying the beach were, as usual, gorgeous.  The companion noted that Europeans are generally hairless.  As the sun set we lazily climbed the hill back to Edouard’s house and they grilled Daurade Royale for dinner which was totally delicious.

The Australians are singers.  Julia Gurry and her brother are Melbourne based folk singers and are currently touring France this Autumn.  Abby Dobson was also at the house as she is dating Julia’s brother.  Abby used to be the singer in a band called Leonardo’s Bride and had a huge hit with a sweet love song in the 90’s called Even When I’m Sleeping.  Abby entertained us with astrological analysis.  Apparently Cancer’s are prone to be moody.  Who knew?

The more tired I get the worst my stick shift driving becomes.   The car is full of dirty underwear.  Must find laundry.

We were meant to be staying with friends in St Tropez, people I had royally accommodated when they were visiting LA..anyway, they have totally let us down.  Really puts one off hosting anyone ever.

Occasionally dip into the Huffington Post but too depressing and bleak and all those damned pop up advertisements!   Arianna addicted to bad news and gloating…too many tabloid elements.

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More lovely days and lovely food with no drama. Whoo Hoo!

I looked up Royale Dourade and came across this: “…The four kinds of Dorade are shaped alike and range in size up to 3 to 4 kg [6-9 pounds]. They are all easy to identify; the Royal Dorade has silver sides, a red spot on each cheek, and a yellow to gold swollen bump between the eyes, almost on the forehead, which with imagination looks like a crown. It is an expensive fish in France, but well worth it, almost better than very good caviar!”. Pretty fish. In the recipe I found, it was seasoned with sea salt and pepper and lemon slices with a bay leaf on each slice were placed along the length of the fish, then it’s baked with potatoes, tomatoes, garlic cloves and white wine. Is that what you had? It sounds delicious. The recipe said that in the States, you could substitute bass. I love fish and I’m feeling quite envious. 😉

I hope that if you get too tired that you let your traveling companion take over the wheel for a while. So you too, can gaze at the beautiful scenery and relax. Love and Light.



Oops! Forgot the “good quality” olive oil to be poured over the fish along with the white wine. 🙂

Sadly, oleander has no fragrance. Just like the camelia Garbo sniffs in the movie… but it’s nice to imagine it has. Sorry to be pedantic.

Actually, there are giant hybrid oleanders that do have scent. The ones I was writing beneath. If you are going to be a pedant..get it right Andrew!!

i just want to know if the macaroons were the soft chewy kind, or the ones that are brown and crispy.
And yeppers there are some oleanders that smell down south, dont know about french ones but i do know of some in mississippi. 🙂

oh and D, dont get put off by people that say yall can visit then back out, thats just plain rude and after youve done put them up at your house its totally shite. Not many are like that in this world.

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