This Little Piggy


I am a carnivore!  I am a carnivore. The decisions I make around meat… the purchase and consumption are based upon the farm where the animal was raised.

Yesterday we ate a pig for dinner. It was really delicious. It came from a friends farm. It fed 10 people. However, the picture of me carrying the pig home seemed to upset some people. Some of them stopped being my social network friends.  Some of them… fellow carnivores.

I was accused of ‘lacking empathy’ for posting the pic above.

Many meat eaters pretend the meat they’re eating doesn’t come from a living animal. They are divorced from what they are eating.  This, my friends, is the tragedy of our age.

If you eat meat but cannot bear where it comes from… perhaps you shouldn’t be eating meat?  Most animals, most people eat are farmed in terrible conditions. Most carnivores blind themselves to this fact.

For those of you who eat meat but hate the idea that it was once a living thing.  Perhaps you should tour an abattoir? Perhaps you should pet a pig or cow or a sheep? Look into its eyes?

Maybe I am a cold hearted man for posting a picture of my dinner before it was cooked? Frankly, I think it’s far more honest to do that… than sanitized, pretty pictures posted on Instagram after the fact.


Tamer Rice, 12 years old.  A child, playing with a toy gun (in an open carry state) with his sister in a public park was shot dead by two discredited Cleveland cops seconds after they answered an emergency 911 call.  They have since been absolved of their crimes by a corrupt prosecutor after a secretive and wholly inappropriate Grand Jury ‘trial’.

We know all about corrupt prosecutors.

Few of the ‘friends’ who were so animated by my photograph of me and the baby pig were moved at all to comment on the death of an innocent young black boy.


Late one night, feeling under the weather after a bout of this particularly pernicious cold, I wrote a note to that ex.  Yep, I’m that guy.  Fuck. FUCK.

It was another misguided attempt to put the past behind me.

What is it about feeling sick that weakens ones resolve as well as ones body?  Keep me away from my lap top when a nasty cold makes me vulnerable to nostalgia.  Please.

I’d read somewhere that he has a fantastic new job and I wanted to congratulate him.  Why would I think my congratulations would be wanted?  It’s absurd isn’t it?   Congratulations.