The Truth Will Set You Free

Only three weeks until I am yet again due in Family Court to fight the spurious accusations, lies, falsehoods from that dwarfish, dishonest man who lied his way into my life, my wallet, my heart and my underwear.

This vile fame-whore will rip me out of paradise.

Some cheap liar who had devoted every day of his 30 years to deception.

When he saw me on TV he merely saw his next victim.

Someone else he could use in his war against a woman he said he loved.   Risking her health, her sanity.   Someone I heard blaming for his shortcomings.  He was so angry with her that she didn’t see things his way.  A woman who had blindly believed in her man, who will never do so again.

The bigger problem when you let a liar into your life…you end up never trusting.

Every man I have subsequently met I have looked upon with suspicion.

If YOU have had experiences of spurious restraining orders or false orders of protection let me know by emailing me on or leaving a message here.   If you want to come to court in NYC and support me on the 8th September 2011, let me know.

If you want to cover this story for your gay publication…let me know.

If you have been fucked over by an ex, lied to, cheated to, infected with HIV by someone who said they were clean…if you have never had recourse to get revenge.  Let me know.

Men or women.

Let me know.

If you are sick of keeping quiet about the way gay men…men treat each other or women.

Let me know.

Dan Savage‘s It Gets Better campaign may save teens from killing themselves, but what next?  We don’t treat each other very well.  Sometimes I think that Better than Death is not good enough.

I used to have compassion for that man.  I used to make excuses for him.  I stayed up waiting for him to call.  Worrying about him.  I urged him to tell her the truth. I convinced him that the truth would set him free. Until recently I thought he should be forgiven.  Some people can never be forgiven.

He may have learned his lesson, maybe he tells the truth nowadays?  Regardless, he has unfinished business.  We need to deal with it.  Some day soon the truth will be revealed.

Orders of Protection are well-known for inflaming benign situations, creating malignancy where there was none.  He has done just this.   The cells of resentment, hatred and revenge are multiplying before my very eyes.

Hey..and before you lecture me about how stupid I was to fall for him.  That he was just a 30-year-old kid…look at the men who are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Teenagers. If you think that love has logic?   Take a look in the fucking mirror and tell me you haven’t done the same.   Before you advise me to let go of my resentment, tell me why I should.  This may be eating me alive but that’s better than being dead.

He could have killed me.

Before I get advice from angels…take your own inventory.  Your own moral pulse.

P.S.  No, I don’t have HIV but I hear plenty stories of men who have been cheated out of their negative status by lying queens.  Just another thing our fucked up gay community wont talk about.

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Things will get better man. Jake will get what’s coming to him. I really don’t understand why he felt the need to serve you a restraining order. It’s not like you’re stalking him. This blog is your right to express yourself and he caused you a great ordeal of pain, so vent as freely as you want! Fuck censorship or anyone telling you to censor yourself! You have every goddamn right to be angry over what he’s done. You made excuses for him for so long, now tell it like it is!

“I hear plenty stories of men who have been cheated out of their negative status by lying queens.”. So true. It’s so common. Three of my gay friends when I was in high school got HIV their first time having sex with different guys they met from online! I felt so bad for them.

There also use to be a popular fetish forum called (the original owner died of aids a few months ago, and it looks like a new owner is going to revive it), with tens of thousands of users (most who were gay) who shared their sexual experiences of getting infected )or giving their venom to an innocent person (giftgivers) as a initiation of sorts. Some of them got “toxic symbol” tattoos as a way to be identified within the fetish group, and they would go out of their way to infect other guys, and some guys would go out of their way to get infected. There are so many sick, twisted, and perverse gay people who are spreading their hiv/std’s like wildfire. I wish there was a serial killer who focused on killing off these mindless fucks.

As for the gay community. I say fuck the gay community, especially LOGOTV and their affiliated network, who wants to continue to feed “stereotypes” of gay people to their audience. They can’t even keep their “reality shows” real. WTF?

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