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The Little Dog Returns From The Vet

The poor little darling was in worse shape than I thought.  The coyote bite was much deeper than it looked.  Today Jason and the kids took him to the Malibu Coast Vet and Dr. Victor made it better. Whilst he was asleep Victor cleaned his teeth and cut away a skin tab behind his ear.

We love Dr Victor. He is incredibly handsome.

I am in pretty bad shape.  I can only crawl.  So I am crawling to the bathroom.

We are laying in bed together.  Time will heal both of us.

The more I think about that brazen coyote the more it scares me.  He was waiting a few feet from us.  Waiting.  It was very frightening.

Must buy a gun.  It could be me next time.

Pain is very exhausting.  The shock really compromised me.  Anyway, we’ll get through this.

This is a picture of the drain and the scar.  I could show you my swollen foot but that’s more disgusting than this:

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Poor Lil Dog and poor you! Why haven’t you gone to the doctor? You need physio and an ultrasound. You may have to get it wrapped. You just can’t lie in bed and wait for it to heal. Yes I’m being a bit of a mother. But really you need to get looked after too. I hope you and Lil Dog have a swift recovery.

His work here is not finished yet. The most important thing is, to remember is to never forget his antibiotics in order to heal. Antibitics can be harsh in the stomach, and cause nausea sometimes vomiting. Very uncomfortable in his condition right now. The best thing to do is to feed him just a 1/4 of a cup of white rice mixed with boil organic chicken breast, or ground chicken plus chicken has natural antibiotic properties. Torbutrol 5 miligrams is a great pain medication in this type of situation. He is a brave little lion. Fell better.

That looks so bad, poor little dog, and you are really brave to have tackled the coyote, I would have done the same, I love my 2 little cuties (English toy spaniels) I know the love you feel, when they are hurting, you are hurting although it’s quite literal in your case. Get better soon, both of you. Hope you are being spoiled, hey, you could finish the book?

Growing up at the top of Beverly Glen we had a problem for a while with a pack of really brazen coyotes. People started going for walks armed with golf clubs because they were light weight and could get a coyote away from they or their pets. Every house with pets I knew also installed chicken wire at the bottom third of their fences so the coyotes couldn’t get into the backyards and eat our pets. Little dog and you were very lucky, and I echo that you should check in with a doctor to make certain you haven’t fractured a small bone in your foot or ankle. I would also call Animal Control, because if this animal is that brazen, it could also attack a small child. Hope you and Little Dog heal well, and this is the last time you see a coyote that up close and personal.

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