Boy Friend?

Let me reiterate…I would rather work in an office.  I would rather work in an office than have a boyfriend.  In fact, it’s almost the same thing.  Giving up one’s freedom…just to be like everyone else.

Accepting second best.  I can’t do that again.

I have no intention of EVER having a boyfriend/partner/husband.

They say, “You’ll fall in love.”  “You’ll meet someone.”  “There’s someone out there for you.” Ha!  It simply isn’t true.  Why?  Because I am not looking, not interested…scared.

It was hot yesterday.  Very hot.  Looks like it’s going to be another hot day today.  BAFTA garden party at the British Embassy this afternoon.

My ankle is not getting any better.  My ‘wait and see’ policy worked on the left leg but not on the right.  I am shuffling like a decrepit.  Doctor on Monday.  We shall see.

Zachary came by yesterday and we hurled ourselves up the 101 and into Hollywood.  Hanging with some New York friends on Doheny.  A gay event…cute, pleasant people.  One of them had seen the ‘A’ List and asked…about the watch.

We ended the evening slumping into sofas at a private roof top club receiving all comers.  We had a pack of American Spirits so were very popular out there on the terrace.

Zachary is a dancer/performance artist.  He is off to Rome to show his work in a prestigious gallery.  I like his zeal.  It reminded me just how much fun touring a live show can be.

Samantha joined us, she was wearing knee-high leather boots, her hair tied back…she looked like Theda Bara.

We chatted with super chic Kelly Osborne.  We met a gay couple in an open relationship.

We drove home at midnight past a very fresh accident on the deserted PCH.  An inebriated man sitting at the edge of the road wearing a white button down…clutching his bloody chest.  His girlfriend standing by…weeping.

A two car collision.  His car visible, the other car (a police vehicle) had, it seemed, crashed over the edge of the PCH and into the Pacific.

Gawkers looking into the black sea.  The deputies, I read this morning, were not drowned.  Look here.

I am in NYC next week, post Irene.  Robby is there to see but he has a life in NYC (at our instigation) and I may very well not be a part of that.  That’s OK, he’s appropriately grateful.

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Duncan ! I have no intention of being verbose about this …
You are my ideal mate ! Forget what may or not be “real”
take notice and respond 🙂
David Latham

I agree fully and the purpose of this blog ? Universal distaste for needing someone to fulfil a purpose in one’s life ? A bum ankle causes this ? Or the realization that discussing feelings and thoughts in blogs might be useful IF you weren’t just talking to yourself . …—–> my name is David and I am pleased to meet you MR. Roy 🙂

_ big breathe _ so much for trying to not be verbose – I don’t shag on the first date anyway .
I want to make sure of things way before any of that – besides , I’ve found that if men are unsure or outright lying about themselves , to get laid ….they can’t keep it going very long til they reveal themselves . ….my attraction to Duncan goes beyond his looks , and I can read between the lines . Thank you !

Ok back to me Ben , you’ll notice from this point forward how self- centered and non- inclusive us older gays can be without calling names and equating age to intelligence .
I prefer to wreck your 401k and refuse to recycle so there !

Off this subject; but thanks for the Theda Bara reference. The Max Factor Hollywood museum has some of her jewelry from “Cleopatra” , Jan

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