Gay Hollywood

Lady Gaga

I thought yesterday was Wednesday.  So when Dane turned up I was utterly surprised.

We drove into Hollywood via Home Depot to buy more tomato plants and return the oscillating sprinkler that no longer oscillated.

Had my first lunch with John.  Gossiped.

Had my second lunch with Tom, Dane and Robby at Chateau Marmont.  We fought our way past an ugly crowd of camera toting Lady Gaga fans who, by the time we left, were being corralled by burly police men.

Some of them thought Dane was Taylor Lautner.  Huh?  Are they blind?  He has a tiny head.

Fun lunch, a great deal of card swapping with the folks who sat at the table beside us.

Everybody wants to know Tom.

After lunch we picked up laundry and I was home by 6pm.   I spent an hour or so at dusk raking leaves.   Sitting quietly in the garden.

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