Rem Koolhaas

Too busy to write 500 words.

Briefly, yesterday was spent with my yoga/park friend Alex.  We walked…and walked.

Lunch at Northern Spy on 12th St between A and B.  Appalling food.  I will eat pretty much anything but the watercress and potato soup was so bitter I had to send it back.  My friend’s risotto was bland and uninspiring.  The grilled cheese was ok but I couldn’t get the bitter taste of rancid watercress out of my mouth.

We chipped before the desert and the entire fiasco still cost $70.

After lunch we walked via Soho past my old apartment on Varick St to the Chelsea piers and looked at the sweaty runners.    Oh yes…we also popped into the Rem Koolhaas show by The New Museum on The Bowery.  It was like an art school architecture demo.  I suppose that’s what he wanted.  I was underwhelmed.  The theme was RESTORATION.

There was one photograph that really moved me.  A table in the St Petersburg summer palace groaning with gilded paste figurines.  Each one worth a fortune but each a nightmare for a conservator.   What to do with so much stuff?

I shopped for granola.  Watched TV.   Still can’t write.  Still unable to think about anything creative.  Just enjoying the wind on my face.  My feet ached from the long walk.

Met Donovan later that night and we hung out at Eastern Block with a bunch of moderately ok looking gays.  I looked good again…so garnered more unexpected attention.  Thank God for drunk boys with beer goggles.

It always helps to have a hugely attractive, similarly aged man with you…as bait.

Dan returned from LA.    He looked exhausted.

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