Fuck You Donald Trump

Thanks Donald.  You have been revealed.

Not only are you despicable for decrying gay marriage but now you have forced a black man in the highest office in the land to show his birth certificate like an undocumented worker.  What now?

Now you have the evidence that Obama with his weird name is really American you have decided to challenge the authenticity of his education.

Working in tandem with Fox News, in the back pocket of Rupert Murdoch…you are as credible as anyone can possibly be who works on a fake reality TV show.

A bi-product of your unrestrained Obama hatred?  The US press is finally talking about the vile racism that motivates you as well as these terrible Tea Party Republicans, these ghastly birther people.  They are finally acknowledging what I have been writing for months:  that these hateful people simply cannot come to terms with the fact that Obama is a black man in the White House.

Why has it taken them so long to articulate this?


Donald Trump.  What a terrible man.

His crude attacks on Obama may very well have finally focused the minds of this dumbed down, frenzied American media.  Even the so-called intelligent press jumped on the Birther conspiracy band wagon.  Now, like guilty children they stand back from the story embarrassed that they had anything to do with it in the first place.

Let us not forget that rotting at the very heart of this ‘news’ story are the mutilated bodies of countless black men, women and children whose enslavement, torture and death white supremacists like Trump, Limbaugh et al still gloat over.

Hung drawn and quartered, their bodies swing in trees for all to see.  This is exactly what is happening now.  An intellectual lynching.  I say again, these white, resentful fools are determined to undermine this President, not because he is a bad President but because he is black.

Fuck you Donald Trump.  Fuck you.

Robby and I walked on the beach yesterday.  The Little Dog was bitten (not badly) by a three-legged terrier.  He was terrified and screamed like a baby.  He is a bit traumatized today.  Keeping close to me.  The wound is healing.

I cooked a huge pasta dish for dinner and we sat on the terrace in the warm night air talking about the origins of Christianity.  The origins of the myth of Jesus and the pagan stories that fed into that myth.  After a while Robby went quietly to his room.  I asked if he was ok.

He said, “It’s like finding out that Father Christmas is a lie.”

He was really perplexed, his faith in the literal teaching of the Bible has been shaken.

This morning Juan came for breakfast to discuss his food truck idea.  We drank coffee and looked over the ocean.  The sea is calm.  Elsewhere tornadoes are raging through communities in Alabama.

I am thinking about the idea of mid-life crisis.  Will expand on this when I know what I want to say.

Fuck you Donald Trump.


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A resounding FUCK YOU to trump and his ugly hair and even uglier soul. Hope lil dog is alright and haven’t we all pondered the higher power of G-d and religion ?

And as far as birth certificates go, all I have is a certificate of live birth, does it make me any less american? It got me a passport, drivers license and able to vote. Sadly enough the horrible tornados took the press off that asshat trump, and I hope that we take care of our southern neighbors who need food and shelter and need our help now, not weeks later.

There is no need for him to question anything… he is such a corrupt individual himself…!! And let’s face it these questions would not be asked if Obama was white skinned…!

I know that this really doesn’t effect me down here but its just so frustrating to know that someone so ignorant and STUPID has so much coverage… what ever happened to reputable news reporters with dignity… (Luckily Anderson Cooper is still out there…)

More to the point!!! I hope little dog is ok…??? 🙂

McCain was born in Panama in an American base but in Panama. Everyone took his word for it because he is white. If your parent is American you are an American. Racism and hate will always find an excuse to spread like cancer.

cunts like donald trump need to be weeded out by the gop themselves. what a cheap *astard. he stands completely exposed. i’m glad he’s jumped into the presidential race, where hopefully, he will go all the way abusing obama and then lose spectacularly. what a joker, what a cheap clown.

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