Great weekend in Malibu.  Loads going on.

Therapy Saturday.  Lunch with filmy people.  Another lunch with Gabe and Toby in Venice.

Met two very sweet Redondo boys in coffee shop.

Writer arrived at 1pm.  Twins came home on Sunday as I am working with writer.   Both of them had a great night in Hollywood.  They got so drunk and sick and in trouble but separately.  They lay down looking worse for wear.

The writer left.  I vacuumed the house.

Miami Henry popped over.  Made dinner for the four of us.  Twins surprised that I made the salad dressing.

Henry left after dinner.  Bed at midnight.

Nothing more to report.  I have been writing like a crazy person.

I am thinking of checking into rehab.  Seriously.  I can’t go on like this.

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Rehab for the fixation on Jake? If your current therapy isnt addressing the problem or dealing with it adequately, then maybe it’s a good idea. But if it’s going to stop the forward momentum you’ve got going in the other areas of your life, the timing might not be ideal.

Tricky – I feel for you.
What’s best for you in the long run, is the best choice
(as you know…)

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