Day One

Who reads my blog?  Some people find it by chance.  Others are looking.  For those who are looking…I say welcome.  Welcome.  I don’t care if I only get 500 readers a day…they are the 500 readers who need to read my blog.  Friends, family…and the rest of you…who come to sneer and blame.

Raining again in LA.

Listening to Bob Dylan singing Isis.

Spent time in Venice with Mel and one of the twins.

Popped into see Drew who looked even more handsome than when I first met him.  Exquisitely dressed.  He hugged me.  Two people who were once entangled and now can be kind to each other.

I would rather be on my own than put up with half measures.

[wpvideo 8r9IJ3SX]

6 replies on “Day One”

Amen to that. I’m one of the 500; one who needs to read your words. The raw honesty with which you write sometimes catches as a sob in my throat, but it always leaves me feeling less alone.

I rather think there is more who read your blog as m8s than to sneer? Don’t quite understand why some one would read your blog to diss on you , you are such a treasure as a person, even when your angry ( you have snark down to a art) here’s to rain ending and your lovely garden, and to lil dog. Have a magic week xxx

I enjoy reading it. Sometimes the JB stuff is tiresome but then I tell myself that that is what emotional pain feels like, background noise, an unavoidable, ringing in the ears.

It’s odd getting to “know” someone and like that person very much without having met them. I like hearing about your life and your perspective on the world. I care for you a great deal and want the absolute best for you. Someday, I hope to meet you and give you the hug I’ve been saving up just for you. Oy, when did I turn into a Girl Scout?

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