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Dinner with Jason, Jennifer, Hilary and Rex Weyler.

What an incredible man!

I will let you discover who he is and what he does.

Discussed his film…the film he wants to make with Viggo Mortensen about the creation of and how he co-founded Greenpeace.

We discussed potential directors and (rather unusually) how much a film like this might cost.  Can one really justify spending 50 million dollars on a film?  Really?

Naturally we discussed Egypt and how when the people speak governments are forced to take notice.  We congratulated Julian Assange.  We mourned the dead in Bahrain.  We wondered about Israel.

The demonstrations in Madison Wisconsin are particularly heartening as are the angry British protestors who are presently targeting Barclay’s bank over claims of tax avoidance.

Is this Glenn Beck’s ‘coming insurrection’?  Let’s hope so.

Ultimately the question one has to ask ones self is:  Am I prepared to take a bullet for what I believe?

I told him that I knew people who were oblivious of what was going on in Egypt.  In fact more than half of all Americans were not aware of what was happening in Egypt.

Why are people not more inquisitive?

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That’s a very good question D, are any of us prepared to put our beliefs up to the test? And is one belief more important than others? Which one matters most, ones that are personal or one that’s for the greater good. And ffs @ glenn beck

Glenn Beck must surely suffer from cognitive dissonance as I can’t imagine being able to rationalise his thoughts otherwise. What’s alarming is his popularity. He generates sufficient critical mass to mention Nazis in such a few short thoughts that it makes a mockery of Godwin’s law.

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