Sarah Palin Murderer

Just one of many murders allowed to walk American streets freely whilst innocents languish in prison.

Add her name to a growing list of treasonous Americans who regularly incite hatred and violence against their fellow country men and specifically their President.   Sarah Palin, Rush Limburg and Glenn Beck: this grim triumvirate has become an impressive killing machine.

Bloated, ignorant commentators using freedom of speech as an ideological shield from behind which they scream their uninformed, toxic rhetoric.

In turn the dumb American proletariat, unable to fight for their own, turn on those who want to help them the most.

The ‘Christian’ hate speak of Sarah Palin and her legion of devoted followers has claimed the first of many of it’s intended victims..because, make no mistake, in the Palin home today they are praying that Congress Woman Gifford dies.

The meaningless sop, theses ‘thoughts and prayers’ offered to Gifford’s family and the American people from Sarah Palin this past twenty-four hours disguises a plain truth:  the only prayer to Palin’s God is that Gifford becomes just the first of many elected officials who will either be killed or too scared to stick to their ‘progressive’ principals.

This highly motivated fascist machine with its unpaid hit men will not, cannot be stopped with or for any reason.  They are deaf to anything other than their own message.

Still furious that a black man can be President these pink, treasonous men and women have done everything possible to stop Obama from achieving anything he promised the American people during his campaign.   Small minded folk, red necks, laughing amongst themselves as they take turns insulting the black man, tripping him up and laughing as he falls, spitting in his face…dragging him behind the car…hanging him from the nearest tree.

If only Obama didn’t look so damned scared, when Joe Wilson screamed ‘you lie’ (boy) “I called that nigger a liar to his face.”  Obama looked appropriately  sheepish at the good old boys.  Scared of the white man.  Michelle, on the other hand, shot them back that look..she isn’t scared because she knows exactly who these men are and who they represent.  But we all knew about her, we had been warned that she could be…uppity.

Their pink skinned agenda, as if you weren’t already aware:  No abortion.  More War.  More Guns.  More Prisons.  No Respect for the Environment.  Free to be Racist/Homophobic.  Free to ‘take down’ anyone with opposing ideas.  Free to make money by lying, cheating and stealing.  Free to treat the rest of the world as America pleases.  But most of all they want you to see things their way and no other way will do.

Today Sarah Palin’s followers are rejoicing that a health care supporting ‘blue dog’ democrat has been gunned down in the name of ‘freedom’.

I am neither surprised or disgusted because this is the American way, this is how Americans do things and will always do things.  Frankly, if they wanted it any other way..the rules would change.  Remember Martin Luther-King, JFK, Harvey Milk..etc. etc.  This is the most violent culture in the world.

If you have the guts and the motivation to assassinate then go right ahead.  Pay the price but go right ahead.  Survival of the fittest.  Manifest destiny.

The murderer is still alive to talk freely about his motivation.  I, and the rest of the world, will be fascinated by his story.  He didn’t bother to kill himself but let’s see if he survives to tell his tale.  He has served his purpose.

He has already been cast as a rogue liberal by the Tea Party…a Marx reading,  Hitler devotee..a loner and an iconoclast…he will be called a great deal more but none of it will be accurate.

(Surprise surprise…when he appeared in court the CNN reporter reported with some amazement that the mass murderer looked ‘normal’ ‘calm’ and ‘cooperative’.  He was not behaving like Charles Manson..he could be any one of our sons.)

Sarah Palin may very well be the next President of the United States, not just because she appeals to the lowest common denominator but because after years of pathetic ‘honorable’ Obama leadership this crazy, intensity addicted, short termist American public craves more drama…like a TV show..or an action movie…

The President of the United States is no longer elected, he is re-cast.

This childish, self-serving society gets the leaders it deserves.  Don’t tell me that it isn’t possible for someone like Sarah Palin to be president…that’s what they said about Hitler..the giggling German intellectuals…that what they said about Adolf Hitler.

If American liberals can’t stand up to these thugs then the rest of the world must.

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Great blog. A a few months ago s I waited to vote in a
local election, the liberal candidate told me that she was afraid
to afraid to say out loud she was liberal because the day before
one of the right wing politician’s supporters got a gun from his
car to shoot her. Her friends hurried her to their car and drove
her away. So yes, Sarah Palin is a murderer.

I pray you are wrong. As in the case of our lame duck congress, only crisis seems to unite/motivate Democrats. Could Sarah Palin be sued for
inciting violence? ‘The American way’, in our time, would be to to go after the pocketbook, like Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center have done with the Klan.

It is amazing that so many Americans can not understand
that the Tea Partiers are nothing but Nazies in disguise. Perhaps
actions like this one will wake America up.

Several editorials and columnists in major newspapers agree
with your main point, as do I, that political hate speech
encourages violence. The American love of guns is also a serious
character deficit and it makes life more dangerous for all
citizens. I expect you were focused on the emotions the murders
evoked, so some of the factual inaccuracies are understandable.
Gifford is a Representative (Congresswoman) not a Senator, and
“blue dogs” are by definition not progressives. Only right-wingers
label them “moderates”. She also supports gun rights, and votes
with the Dems only 40% of the time. However, nothing can justify
shooting her and other innocent people including a child. The
killer is looking more like a person with serious mental illness as
the info comes out, though the legal and medical insanity
definitions differ. I also agree that Presidents are as much cast
as elected, but that’s also the reason I think Palin couldn’t win.
The audience demands at least the appearance of gravitas and she
can’t provide it. She’s got a future in TV, but her political
career is just the fund-raising arm of her showbiz career. I REALLY
hope she gets the nomination, however, since she has so much more
style than substance.

Everything leads back to oil, and selfish interests that benefit just a few on top (the (rich) minoroty) The asshole who screamed you lie, received a $200,000 contribution to his campaiign from and insurance company. All this political divisive minutia is just a distraction for the ignorant hateful majority. From the actual reality. The Irak war was the first time for oil and the second time for oil. And these pseudo patriots hiding behind christianity and lies.
I am sick and tired of these pundits for oil companies.

Mr. Loughner is the man that in jail for shooting people. Sarah Palin has not killed anyone nor has she advocated violence. If she has, I would appreciate it if you could give some quotes.

Yes, you’d think that wouldn’t you? That SP had not killed anyone, well top ranking Nazis didn’t kill anyone either but their rhetoric and influence did. SP gets away with murder every day she inspires with hate speak. The Nazis who killed in the death camps were ‘just following orders’.

Making someone uncomfortable with racist epiphets, homophobic slur…these are all murders of a kind.

The murder of another man’s confidence.

The kid may have held the gun but she pulled the trigger.

I doubt Palin would cry too much if Giffords passed away, and thank God she’s making a miraculous recovery.

I don’t know really if Palin is what finally made Laughner violent, but he is a very disturbed man who needs to be institutionalized. Anything could have set him off, since he is a paranoid schizophrenic. Most people who have schixophrenia aren’t violent, but there are those out there who are and Palin probably aint helping matters.

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