Big Breakfast

Veselka, eating a huge breakfast and trying to write.  Trying to tie up loose ends.  Trying to make sense of everything here.

Now that I am here.

It’s been so cold.  Where’s my beach in the sun when I need it?

Last night I went to the theatre with Amelia.  The Soho Rep below Canal.

Dinner after the show at Macao Trading Co. paid for, very kindly, by the owners.

The theatre show was called Jomama Jones: Radiate.  Jomama (drag queen) is a returning seventies singing sensation.

Glittering costumes, huge fro.  Jomama lives in exile in Switzerland because she feels alienated from her mother land.

When asked to return to perform by a new generation of fans she agrees.  The show is that show.  It was really beautifully conceived.  Great set and costumes…amazing music.   Beautifully performed.

The story really worked except the end which was a bit mawkish and sophomoric.  Even so, probably the best fringe theatre show I had ever seen in NYC excepting Weimar New York…which I ended up producing in LA.  The Green Door never ever paid us for putting on that show.

My favorite part of  Jomama Jones Radiate was when she described how she fell from grace.  When the record execs heard her angry political ‘new’ album…”They told me to relax!  They told me to relax my lyrics, my performance and…my hair.”  When she refused her record label let her go.

Lady Rizo and I were invited up on stage to dance.  It was quite liberating to do so in front of a packed house.  Loved it.

Spent today receiving friends.  Getting into it.  Selling art.  Going to make my movie.

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