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Picture Perfect

I wanted to post a few pictures. I want to remind myself that it has all been an incredible journey.

I wanted to include this one because I have a man’s legs wrapped around my shoulders. He is called Chris Boot. He was in South Africa with Tilda Swinton. Tilda came to the dinner thrown for me at Sundance when AKA played there. She came with Jamie Johnson.

Boom Boom Boom (The Sublime) 1982 Peter Doig

 You can see half of the Peter Doig painting I bought at his St Martin’s degree show.  It hung in my Furlong Road, Islington sittingroom until I was arrested.  At which point Doig decided to snatch it back and I never saw it again. It is probably worth in excess of $1, 000, 000 now.

Matt Rowe and Marie Palmer, we met at the Mercer Hotel in NYC with Mel C from the Spice Girls.  Matt had been one half of the duo who wrote all of their best tunes. New Years Eve 1999, Mercer Hotel with Calvin Klein, Tom Cruise, Nicole KidmanAlan Cummings and Fran Leibowitz. A cool very night.  Matt is still a great friend.

I’ve written loads about Jay Jopling in this blog. This is the night he met my sister Jessica.

Justin Lee-Aliston was my best gay friend in Whitstable. He was the sweetest boy. He killed himself a few months after he was gay bashed in Camberwell South London.  Here he is in happier times with my friend Tracy at the Island Wall, Whitstable house.

Celia Lyttleton, I can’t remember where we met but she is a doll and this picture was taken at a fancy dress party at the artist Glynn Boyd Hart’s house during the 1980’s.

Celia introduced me to the artist Ana Corbero at her Albermarle St gallery. She in turn introduced me to Colin Cawdor , the Thane of Cawdor-Macbeth. Duncan and Macbeth in NYC, in a sprawling apartment in Williamsburg. Long before anybody else was living there.

Our view.

Colin and Anna. Now, Colin lives in the North of Scotland in his castle, a castle he had to wrestle from his step-mother. Ana lives in Spain with her husband. I remember that he dressed Ana in Azzadine Alaia-and the moths ate clean through her fur coat.

I’ll post some more soon.

6 replies on “Picture Perfect”

Wow…….. Your life sounds absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!
The future can only get better! xxx

arent pictures grand to go thru, some bittersweet, all those memories! thanks for sharing D! your hair was simply amazing 😉

Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful life. looking through these, I remember meeting Colin Cawdor’s youngest sister in London in 1987.She was lovely, I think her name was Claire, but her real name was Lady Jane. She was telling us us about the infamous Duchess of Argylle.
Another sister was dating an Iranian relative of my ex.I believe she was in pr for a magazine.
A very interesting life.

My goodness, I’ve missed a lot while I was away on my own adventures! Your sister is beautiful! Good riddance to cliches :). My thoughts and prayers for your good health,Duncan. And Robb, PUHLEASE don’t go!


Thank you for sharing the photos. It certainly has been an amazing journey. Why were Chris Boot’s legs wrapped around your shoulders? It seems that you’re engrossed in whatever it is that you’re doing and are kind of oblivious to him. What’s up with that?

I’m so sorry for your friend, Justin. He has a great smile. What a tragedy that the viciousness of society hounded him to death. Such a fucking waste.

Your sister, Jessica, is lovely. She seems bubbly. Is she a member of your mother’s family or your father’s?

Do you ever visit the Thane at the castle? Are there pictures? [I love castles. Especially, if they’re supposed to be haunted. Kinda got a thing for the Gothic. 🙂 ]

You were a beautiful young boy and you’ve become very handsome man. Think fine wine. The good ones become better and better with age. Don’t let the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune turn you vinegary. 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures of your photo journal.



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