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Human being/Human doing

Busy, busy, busy!   Fled, after my morning meeting, to the bank and Malibu and back again.  The misty garden smelling of jasmine and other, sweeter perfumes.  I love the way the garden evolves.  Wood chip paths and great forests of Euphorbia down where the goats will live.

Meeting with lawyer re. company in Santa Monica-where I also bought English chocolate and piccalilli.  Had stove and blender fixed.  Kept an eye on Blankstein grilling via NPR.   Even if it is just political theatre it’s fun to think that this most ghastly of all men-Blankstein is having to play the villain role for all to see.

Goldman Sachs is just another human empire and it will eventually fail as they all do-eventually.  It is the way we do things here on earth.

Human being/Human doing.

The Christian Louboutin party at the Robertson store with the great man in attendance (wearing lilac slacks) was a very friendly, if soulless affair.

‘A’ gays including the poisonous Peter Dunham with his age defying boyfriend the celebrity dermatologist Peter Kopelson-we often take time ignoring one another passing on Runyon Canyon.  Peter Dunham, hideously scarred by acne and HIV, making small talk at the edge of the room with similarly scarred reptilians.  Peter’s talentless, screeching ‘artist’ friend Konstantine Kakanias arrived bound in a flimsy scarf that did nothing to distract from his unusually fat face.   Oh how one loves to loathe.  The most amusing line from Konnie’s on-line resume- Second Prize, International Award for blah blah blah…who the fuck boasts about coming second?

As well as the gays, some of whom I liked by the way-none of whom were wearing CL shoes there was a contingent of Iranian women with huge asses squeezed into badly cut denim jeans tottering around on red soled CL hooker heels.   These dusky gals baying for their photograph taken with Christian who willingly obeyed as only a man can when he is selling most of these women over a thousand pairs of his shoes-each!  It was like a fetish party.  I didn’t recognize any of the women other than the ubiquitous Tracy Ross-saw her at Prada party too.  Dull.

One woman arrived in McQueen but the ensemble was so badly put together she looked like a Michael Jackson Halloween clone.  Sad.

There have been a glut of ‘recessionary chic’ soiree held in small stores across Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, usually with red carpet facilities but there was none last night.  Tomorrow will be the shoe-signing event when Christian signs shoes. My friend Jamie is going, one might want to link to her blog to find out how that went.

Dinner with Peter Scarf at the Mercantile before he went off to drink at some hip club somewhere.

Sweet, late night conversations with lamb head made me content and happy before I slept.  Oh, if only..

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Saw an old “Twilight Zone” — or it might have been “Night Gallery” — where the protagonist could project himself into a painting in a gallery. (Although it didn’t turn out well for him when he broke in and tried to escape into the painting. Bad guy. New painting. Just deserts.) I want to walk into that picture. I can almost smell the green breath of the trees and grasses. The perfume of the flowers. The mist brushing my face. The loamy soil underfoot. Lovely.

Hopefully, there’s enough momentum & anger still simmering that Congress can pass some safeguards, refit the SEC (and kick some of their balls up to join their tonsils for their failure of oversight), and if nothing else, shame the lot of those almost sociopathic securities and investment fund firms. Not just Goldman Sachs.

Peter Dunham…. Boy howdy. When you don’t like someone — you REALLY DON’T LIKE SOMEONE. 😉 Have you already mentioned why you consider him poisonous?

Glad that you’re getting your business interests sorted out. And that you (hopefully) had a nice dinner.

Lamb head… I’m glad that you’ve come to terms with everything. Fingers crossed. And that you went to sleep content and happy.



Hi Duncan,

I’ve been delving in and out of your blog recently and have enjoyed your take on things… your acidic descriptions of your fellow man have made me laugh aloud!
I’ll be back!


Dear Mr Roy,

I am the real Duncan Roy. Are you the same Duncan Roy who has controlled this domain name since the late nineties? Why not give it to me? I could fill it with lovely things.

On second thoughts, keep it. I don’t want it anymore.

Love & Peace
Duncan Roy

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