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Croquet/Tennis Saturday


Croquet and tennis, cold lamb.  Another perfect Saturday afternoon in Brentwood with Vinny, Tristam and Josh.

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Ear, Nose and Throat


I was diagnosed with neck arthritis some tine ago after losing strength in my arms. It is, of course, a degenerative, condition.

Yesterday, after a long hike up Runyon Canyon with Vincent, Brock and the Little Dog I was dismayed by the increased dull aches and weakness in my arms and legs.

Getting older with anything degenerative is a depressing idea.

Last week I managed to get the 24 hour flu which included stomach cramps, nausea and general malaise.

Apart from the weakness and flu life has been a great deal of fun.

Laural Hardware, after two and half months, has become THE coolest place in LA.

This week we spotted Gwyneth Paltrow, Chelsea Handler, Rashida Jones and Katie Perry. Phil and Dean the owners of LH are loving their moment in the LA celebrity sun.

Even so, they remain the humblest success stories in town.

It is that time of year. After a day of writing I put on my autumn style and head off to whatever event seems most appropriate. The Fendi Baguette party was wonderfully organized. Peggy Moffitt, Victoria Hervey and Jeffrey Deitch etc.

Victoria Hervey goes to everything. Rude and pompous.

You know, of course, that I knew her brother John who, at the time of his death, was The Marquess of Bristol. It was he who introduced me to Freddy Hughes and radically changed my life.

In these modern times there’s really no reason for a girl like Victoria to behave so despicably… I mean… what does she actually do?

I hear that she is on the verge of being banned from a very exclusive club here in LA for being vile to the staff.

I have been spending a great deal of time at Vincent’s house in Brentwood. Such a beautiful home filled with wonderful art and books and mid-century modern furniture. Such a history! Presidents and celebrity sitting in the same furniture where I now sit watching Vincent’s crackling serve.

He knocks balls all over the tennis court and I swim lazily in the lap pool.

There’s a croquet lawn at the house but I could never win. Vincent is a croquet fiend and scoots around the course in as much time as it takes me to negotiate the first few hoops.

Exciting months ahead as the year draws to a close.

Regardless of where I’ll end up we are going to shoot the movie in January. I have been meeting with actors and heads of departments and line producers. It’s fun to be so involved with the process once again.

I have been asked to write an AA expose. There’s only so much exposing one can do in 1,500 words.


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Brock meets Vincent


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Grocery Thursday

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Fendi Party at Maxfields


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Labor Day 2112



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Merle Ginsberg

A perfect Sunday lunch with old friends: the wonderful Merle Ginsberg and Orian Williams… producer of Anton Corbijn‘s Control at ¬†The Chateau Marmont.

Followed by a walk up Abbot Kinny with Tristam Summers.