Casey Anthony was acquitted.

Why? Because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her.

Even though Nancy Grace seems to have witnessed the murder with her very own eyes she was loathed to take the stand and tell the jury what she saw.

Even if Casey Anthony was partying (according to an amazed Drew Pinsky) after her child went missing we can’t send someone to the electric chair for being insensitive.

Justice was served in the case that was presented to Casey’s peers.

If Nancy Grace and Drew Pinsky are outraged by the jury’s decision perhaps they should talk with the police or the prosecutors who failed to find any evidence that linked Caylee’s death to her mother.

Nancy Grace was outraged that Casey referred to herself as a celebrity even though Nancy Grace caused Casey Anthony to become one.

It is notoriously difficult for celebrities to be convicted.

If they had just left this trial alone, this morbid story, the jury might have convicted.

If they had left this woman to her own fate rather than trying to shape it for us all like so many bad soap operas and by doing so creating a celebrity who can now demand a million dollars per interview…justice may have been served.

There is no hope of a fair trial in the USA whilst uninformed, bigoted people like Nancy Grace are allowed to say what ever they want to say…creating a celebrity firestorm in their wake.

A baby girl was murdered.  It is very sad.  It is sadder still that due to an unregulated media justice may never be done.