Valentine’s day?  Who needs it?  A legitimate fuck you I think.  Even though I have had a few lovely Valentine’s wishes.

It is always nice when people think about you fondly I suppose.

Who needs to be in love?   Sending expensive flowers and cards to men who will let you down and break your heart?

Broken heart/Broken truck.

Yesterday, due to the broken truck, I stayed at home all day.  Another neighbour stopped in with his huge poodle who, within minutes of arriving, pissed on the sofa.  Urg.

The truck will take less time than it took to mend my diseased heart.  Hopefully.

CP stopped in for lunch on his way to airport.  Thankfully he didn’t piss on the sofa.  I am going to miss him.  A lot.  Large parts of my brain that usually go unused were reignited whilst he was here.  Like an old boiler.

My friend Jody arrived at our behest in the afternoon with his two small children.  15 month old twins.   They were very inquisitive and active.  It was an eye-opening experience to see this older gay man struggle with two very high-spirited infants.

He didn’t know any straight people.  He said.

I hid the glass Jesus that kids are inexplicably drawn to.  One of the kids stabbed the TV remote into the dogs food.  They climbed the stairs.  Though agile they were both oddly silent.

The little dog doesn’t really appreciate little kids so I had to keep him in my bedroom whilst they were running around the house.

More about this later.

Spent Sunday night preparing for this week which may turn out to be very busy.  I see a flight back to NYC/London in my immediate future.

There is a great deal of happiness and opportunity to be grateful for at the moment.