Grateful for:  a beautiful day, my little dog, healthy food, my sobriety, a bountiful God, feeling settled.

A beautiful, bright day in LA.  Sitting at home after therapy not wishing the days away until I get to Paris.  Just enjoying the time I have left here.  It goes without saying that I am excited to be in Europe.  Excited to be at home.  Excited to see my family and friends.  The travelling part is a bit of a dreary prospect but we’ll get through it.

The finance issue has been dealt with, I am excited to see what happens next.  I am doing the right thing.  It’s all in all the most grown up thing I have ever done.

I found a huge bronze lamp in someone’s trash.

Last night I had dinner at the 101 with friends.  Spent most of the day with Jenny.

Anna is on her way over with her new film for me to see.

We just saw Anna’s film.  It is called Hooters and is a really funny documentary about the making of The Owls.  If you live in LA please check it out at Outfest.

Dinner tonight with John and Valerie.