Street Art 2010I woke at 5.30am and made my way to JFK.  My driver, a jolly chap from the Dominican Republic, saved us from smashing into the back of a reckless driver weaving all over the freeway.

I am suddenly OVER Virgin Airlines who have managed to lose the Marc Jacobs sunglasses they told me they found last week when I arrived.

I am sitting next to a very effusive Jewish girl who is typing and organizing and eating and reading prayers out loud, asks the same questions repeatedly and is THOROUGHLY irritating but funny.  My expectation is to sit next to a cute, quiet male who will speak when spoken to and not read prayers out loud.  My resentment stems from this unrealistic expectation.

I expect to get to the air port and have my sunglasses waiting for me.  God has other plans.

Last night had dinner with Dan and Cooper at Prune on 1st street.  Delicious baked marrowbone (a la St John’s in London), pot au feu and trifle.

Without a doubt I am falling in love and have to be incredibly careful that this love does not become a dangerous obsession.  Remember what happened last time?   Expectations and Resentments.

I spent a great deal of time seeing old friends whilst in NYC and meeting some new ones.     I saw Daniel R briefly and met up with the last of the book agents.  Very nice man who I found myself explaining my circle plan.

I am being remarkably well behaved.  I am not flirting, intriguing or altering my route for the wrong reasons.  I see and immediately own up to the men I objectify.

I spoke to another man with a dog in the street called Chandler who then later found me via this blog.  Thanks!  Keep in contact.

I called John in LA who is in the doldrums.   We Sex Addicts, what a glum lot we can be.  Saying that, I had a very healthy time in NYC.   I enjoyed spending time with Benoit and being around his book launch and his boyfriend.  I enjoyed what I heard in the rooms-especially from our compulsive brethren.    I related to other men who spoke movingly about multiple, on-line identities.    I felt as if I had a greater understanding of my addiction so am less at the mercy of it.

I am going back to LA to get on with the goat and chickens house that needs built ASAP.  I am having a final meeting with the solar guy and waiting on a price and timetable from The Edible Garden.