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So, I was thinking about humanity.  I was thinking about Haiti.  I was thinking about looters being shot after being saved from the rubble.  I was thinking about fresh water.  I was thinking about scrabbling around for stuff when the big rain comes. When the big shakedown comes.  When they breach the great Fairfax divide and claim what they think is theirs.

I was thinking about John with his pump action, his house on the Beverly hill and how he underestimates the will of the people.  We learned to live with nature, we never tamed it, we never will.   We must never fear God’s big rain, but always fear the will of the people.  John said that ‘cream always rises’.  But when the anarchists come with another set of rules, a different cream will find it’s way to the surface.

(I remember at Monkton Wyld School waking up at midnight and skimming the thickest cream off of the milk from the churns into aluminum pans and onto cold apple crumble.  The only time we could get at the cream was at the dead of night for midnight feasts.   At a different boarding school I remember bad boy Mark Machin waking me at 3 in the morning with a dead pheasant he had poached.  He said, “Cook it.”)

With rampant inflation just around the corner I wonder what can save the banking system?  Still tinkering rather than overhauling, clinging to what they know like so many old school soviet politbureau. The toxic assets are still on the banks books.  What could have, would have happened if these banks were allowed to fail? Some people think-the end of the world.

Did the world end when the Romans lost control?  When tulip bulbs lost their value?

Money is an abstract notion.  It only has value if and when we decide it has value.  It can be manipulated, reinvented, withdrawn…

The banks should have failed.  It is the way of capitalism and by steering away from the inevitable, by altering the true course we merely delay the eventual dashing of the good ship Capitalism on the rocks of time.

This ship will still sink and the world will not end.  Their world will end.  The world of Bernake and Geitner.

Revolutionary change is hard for some, exciting for others.  It is essential for our evolution.

Cautionary tale number 1:

Two years ago I bought a painting at auction for $50.  When it was first sold at a smart New York gallery in the 1970’s it sold for $50,000.  During the 80’s the gallery owner died.  The market and cache around her artists and their work crashed.  Their credibility failed.  With nobody to support the abstract notion of what this art was worth, no longer championed by the powerful gallerist, the stable of artists drifted back into oblivion.

Cautionary tale number 2:

In 1593 Carolus Clusius, a Dutch botanist planted the first tulips in Holland for medicinal purposes. Clusius planted a small garden of tulip bulbs and once they bloomed his neighbors begged him to sell them.  Carolus refused. This, understandably, created a huge demand.

So, one night, his garden was broken into and the bulbs were stolen. The thieves created the Dutch Tulip Trade. Tulip bulbs became a commodity and determined the wealth of the nation.

Tulip bulbs became so valuable that they were not planted for fear of being stolen and the entire economy of Holland was based upon their value.

Then, quiet suddenly, the tulip trading business crashed due to bad bulb speculation and an inability of growers to produce enough bulbs to meet demand thus ruining many, many businessmen.

Tulips lost their value and people began to plant them again.

The world did not end.

There is a storm brewing over Los Angeles and it seems also to be brewing in my heart.

I really need to connect with my 12-step brethren.   I am experiencing a disconnect.   My head is thumping and I know that this isn’t brain cancer just anxiety.

I know what to do-all I need to do is get on my knees and pray but I am scared of using up my only option.

I have a million things to do tomorrow.  Cooper arrives from NYC so maybe we can do those things together.

I have to take action rather than let life wash over me.  Yet, I feel tired-exhausted.  Keeping optimistic in profoundly pessimistic times is exhausting.

I think that you can tell, dear readers, that I am under the weather.

So, this week I have goat shelter, garden plan and solar decisions to make.   I have to prepare the house for rental and get the sofas that need repairing out of the house.  I have to call the bank and respond to various requests that have been left unanswered.

I think that the idea of a relationship weighs heavy on my soul.  I can’t go though any sort of misery again.  I want joy in my life and to share the projects I have with another interested party.

Haiti is a ghastly mess.  The images and news reports from the Caribbean are harrowing and add to my sense of helplessness.  It reminds me daily that a large earthquake in LA could cause the same sort of terrible catastrophe.  I have made several charitable donations and am shocked that Rush Limbaugh has urged his listeners not to give to any charities suggested by Obama.  What kind of racist monster is he?   Where is the compassion?