Duncan Roy has been writing and directing films for over two decades, beginning as a student at Bournemouth University‘s Poole School of Film and Television in the UK. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, he had already established himself in London as a successful producer of theater, writing and directing such plays as PORNOGRAPHY: A SPECTACLE (with Neil Bartlett), THE HOST, BAD BABY, THE BARON IN THE TREES, and CALL ME SUSAN.

Roy made his feature directorial debut at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival with AKA, an autobiographical account of his experience infiltrating London’s high society in the 1970’s. AKA played at numerous international film festivals, garnering many awards and a BAFTA nomination for the Carl Foreman Award for Most Promising Newcomer. Roy followed AKA with METHOD in 2004, starring Jeremy Sisto and Elizabeth Hurley, and THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY in 2006, a modern-day interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s classic horror novel.

Other films include: Clancy’s Kitchen and Jackson: My Life, Your Fault.

In 2009, Roy’s career took an unexpected turn when he joined the cast of SEX REHAB WITH DR. DREW on VH1, making for a most unlikely reality show participant. His blog, which follows his personal experience living in LA, receives an enormous amount of hits daily, and in 2010 was praised by Roger Ebert as “a moving and evocative chronicle of modern gay life.”

Roy has also written for numerous publications, including The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, and The Daily Beast.

Duncan sued LA County in 2015 and won a substantial financial settlement.

“My civil rights lawsuit arises from the fact that I was unlawfully held in the Los Angeles County jail for 85 days, in violation of my constitutional right to post bail. (I was a pretrial detainee and eligible to post bail yet the jail did not allow me to post bail). I was denied the opportunity to post bail because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had issued an immigration hold (sometimes referred to as an “ICE hold”). An immigration hold is a request from ICE to hold a detainee so that ICE can look into their immigration status; it doesn’t mean the person has violated immigration laws or even that ICE has probable cause to believe they’ve violated immigration laws. At the time of my arrest, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department routinely denied bail to pretrial detainees with immigration holds, which is illegal under California and federal constitutional standards. Since the filing of my lawsuit, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department discontinued this practice and now permits pretrial detainees with ICE holds to post bail.”

Duncan Roy lives in Whitstable, UK

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  1. Anita Colliatie says:

    I just want to say that no one should have to die when they are 2-years old like you did. This is the saddest story I have ever heard and it literally sickens me. It seems to me you should have turned out to be a killer or rapist or something really horrible and I am amazed that you are somewhat normal and that you even lived through such horrifying abuse. I just want you to know that you are a hero and show the power of the human spirit to rise above the worst possible circumstances. It makes me weep to think of your horrible abuse as a baby and child and I just want to say God Bless You, you are a great person!.

  2. Drew says:


    Nice blog…you’re hot…post pictures please?

  3. Millard Souers says:


    Kudos to you for appearing on the show to address the childhood incidents that have greatly affected your life. I had never heard of you prior to watching the show, and I’ll follow your work from now on as a result…



  4. J Diggity says:

    Last evening I caught my first episode of Sex Addiction (day 3). As a fellow gay man: Props on being an out man with not coming off like some drama priss stereotype. Best of luck with your recovery.
    Do you mind telling me who made those great shades you were wearing? (the pair with the silver metal on the corners and arms?) I’m a sucker for killer frames.

    eyewear addict,

  5. Jessica Duncan says:

    I have been watching Sex Rehab since the beginning and have an enormous amount of respect for you. I have spent my fair share of time in the therapist’s office and I am impressed by your honesty and willingness to do the work. Your emotional response to what the people around you are going through also speaks to the strength of your character.
    I got sober at 30 (almost 3 yrs ago) from drugs and alcohol. The 12 steps and the fellowship have given me a life I never thought I deserved. I continue to work hard on my sobriety and have recently begun addressing the questions I have about my own sexual abuse as a child. Watching you gives me strength and I thank you for that. I hope you continue to do the work and reap the benefits from it. Thank you again for the support you have unknowingly given me.

  6. Andy says:

    Hi Duncan,

    First, let me say thank you for sharing your journey through the show. I didn’t even know who you were before the show…and now I’ve found this really insightful, intelligent and wounded person who’s very brave and very open.

    I’ve posted on the show’s website…and I said that I feel, there are three people who are going to do really well right after the process…those people are…Jen, Phil and Amber.

    I didn’t include you because I feel like there is a great deal of things that you have to work through…but…having said that…I honestly and openly say that you are going to make it out the other end to be a very happy person.

    Now,…I’ll be honest…part of me, the straight part, wants Jen to make it because I am so totally enamoured with her. She is so increadibly beautiful; her eyes and her nose are absolutely…perfect! And, she’s intelligent and insightful too…she’s empathic and thoughtful…wow…you are a lucky person to befriend someone so special.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m an old fart…(40) so I have no aspirations to meet her…but I can really appreciate a young human being who has such great potential.

    Which is a great segue to my next point…you have great potential too and I really look forward to seeing you succeed on the show and later…in your life.

    I’ve posted this before on the show’s website…I think Phil would be a great guy to hang out with because he seems to have such a great way to empathize and communicate with other people…

    You would be the kind of guy that I’d like to hang out with too…there’s so much that I could learn from you…just about humanity, and your thoughts…you’re a really smart guy and it would be fun to hear your stories. (sorry…I’m straight…but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my gay friends…because I do)

    If I found a woman like Jen my own age…I’d probably make a complete ass out of myself…just oggling at her eyes. (I’d become that 14 year old kid that lives inside of me!)

    If I met Dr. Drew…I’d ask him the secret to staying sane after having triplets…after listening to LoveLine…his home sounded like “The Lord of the Flies” I have one Son and it’s driving me insane…but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’d probably also ask him to set up a meeting with Adam Carolla…it’s a LoveLine thing.

    Be well Duncan and please…your comments, criticisms, blasphamies and otherwise are very welcome.



  7. Sandra Morris says:

    Just finished reading all of your posts-I knew there was a reason you’re my favorite one on the show:)

    • duncanroy says:

      Thanks loyal readers! I love that you spend time reading my blog.


      • Catherine Perry says:

        Duncan: Don’t know if you have the time to read all of our replies; and haven’t had the time to notice if other bloggers echo this: just wanted to let you know I have been listening to Sex Rehab cast appearances on Loveline, Dr. Drew’s comments, and your blog. I have been piecing together a more complete story of Sex Rehab, so I’m sure others have too. I understand you felt misrepresented. However, please know, the power of your story came through nonetheless. There was too much focus on the incendiary events – the stuff of reality TV — but it’s obvious to me you all did a lot of really important work. I imagine that, despite the misleading aspects, you you did way more good being on the show than not. I can’t help but think it will pack a 1-2 punch in the world by helping your career and encouraging trauma survivors and sex addicts. I’ve never seen a more appealing group of people – intelligent, talented, funny, kind. You somehow managed to — all at the same time — make us laugh, speak eloquently of your pain, charm us with your wit, and move us deeply. Thank you.

      • bexatronica says:

        Hi Duncan,
        Hope you read this – wasn’t sure how to contact you?
        Anyhoo, your last few posts have been password protected. *sad face* Does this mean that only your closest friends can read this?
        I’ve searched on your site on how to become a member – have obviously subscribed to your blog & to WordPress, but not sure if I’m having a dumb “I.T” moment!
        Would be grateful for clarification.
        Thanks & take care.

  8. Lindsay Freireich says:

    Duncan, As a dog lover who has also lost a true best friend, and suffered the pain, let me share that you are not alone in the gut pounding lose. I still, years later, shed tears over my Bear, and don’t feel you are strange for this experience. The love you had with the Big Dog was pure, and good, and I believe dogs are true guardian angels that come to us for protection and love.
    If no one has shared the story of the Rainbow Bridge with you, do look it up on the web site, for it helps me tremendously.
    The rainbow bridge is in heaven, where all the animals we love are sitting by it patiently on the other side, waiting to walk side by side with you forever.
    If you close your eyes, you can see her there, tail wagging, healthy and happy, and if you touch your heart, you can feel her deep love for you.
    Another angel will find you, and it will be a dog who needs you terribly, and you can love another dog one day. My Mickey, who is a rescue, was thrown out of a car window, and this little Maltese with a very crooked smile, is the greatest love in my life right now.
    I am so proud of you, and for your strength to share your life.
    You are very wise, and sensitive, and the show has been very healing for me to watch, as a cancer survivor, I feel so alone at times, and the show gives very real human emotions, and shows sides we all hide, while always wanting to show the perfect image.
    I am a writer, a classical clarinetist, with a proud Masters from Northwestern, and now am embarking on a voice over career, so as an artist, can tell you, you do have a new friend in me!
    I needlepoint, do tapestry, paint, like Jennie, to get away, and used to knit, so perhaps you would also enjoy a small needlepoint piece. The focus on color has proven to be very calming to the eyes, and also calms and focuses thoughts.
    I am a hugh devotee to the theatre, and am writing my fathers tremendous biography.
    If you need a film project, I need someone to help.
    Yes, I am female, not gay, but a compassionate artist, who simply wishes to share these thoughts, and thank you yet again for touching my soul.
    Please remain on a great path, and know, that you did indeed touch many lives positively!
    Can’t anyone help poor,annoying Kari Ann? I am so worried about her, frightened of her, and feel, as you do, that her end is near with her dangerous lifestyle. It is sadder still that no one can help the poor thing.
    Carry on, and all my best. Sincerely, Lindsay

  9. Autumn Carney says:

    You have a refreshing voice in this world of introspection and healing through blogging. I admire your honesty regarding sexuality and sexual orientation. I don’t find many that are as willing to soldier on with such controversial views. Keep writing what you feel to be true and you’ll have an audience.

  10. Allison Richardson says:


    You are my favorite on the show ~ Realism held my interest!!!

    I hope you can put the past in its place…. Make room for the rewarding future you deserve…

    Surround yourself with quality not quantity… Tell yourself you deserve all the positive aspects of your life!!

    God bless you & all your loved ones!!

    I am proud of you!


    Winter PArk Fl.

  11. Debra Keeney says:

    Hello Duncan,
    I’m SO glad that you chose to be a part of the show. I remember the look on your face when you had the epiphany that every time you acted out, you put your “little boy” self through the trauma once again. What a huge thing to share, and I related directly with that epiphany. Your experience helped me to deal with a period of my own life, when I was (I now see) reliving a tragic event over and over. You really helped me, Duncan Roy. You have undoubtedly helped many people by your bravery in exploring your personal struggles. So thank you.
    I’m very sorry to hear about your dog, and so happy Luna came to you at what sounds like just the right time for both of you. You have a long and beautiful life ahead of you, you’re brilliant, handsome, and talented so in the future I expect to hear that you are doing wonderful things that feed your soul, and give us all a chance to share and learn from you as well. Wish I could hug you. ~Debra

  12. Che Coker says:

    Hi Mr. Duncan. I think you’re so brave. I’m gay and I was sexually and phsically abused also. I was so moved when you shared your thoughts on the show. I had the same epiphany that you did when you were talking with Dr. Sealy. I’ve always felt that the gay community doesn’t want to talk about sexual abuse. I also agree with your assessment of Oprah Winfrey and your views on racism in the gay community. I wish I lived in California; I would like to be your friend. Write me at sayapollonia@yahoo.com if you feel inclined. Thanks for your courage, Che Coker

  13. Michelle says:

    Duncan my dear, if you’re ever in Boston please look me up. I’d love to treat you to my fabulous manicure and pedicure as a thanks for your courage and willngness to share yourself. This isn’t an add because the services would be a gift. www dot wetpaintnailspa dot com



  14. Julie says:

    Duncan, you are amazing and I grew to respect and admire you with every episode. My heart went out to you and I cried when you cried. Best of luck! All of my best, Julie

  15. Lauren says:

    I just read your article on The Daily Beast and honestly I was surprised at how intelligent and well-written it was! You kept my attention the whole time and after perusing your blog I see that you have a real talent for story-telling. Everything you said about the Sex Rehab show were my sentiments exactly and I’m so happy to hear that you are saying what everyone else has been thinking and too chickenshit to say.

    Cheers to being true to yourself and I can’t imagine a better way to recover from trauma and addiction. Well done.

  16. fumi says:

    I just saw your film, “AKA,” and amused how you were able to make such an inspirational film despite it being a no-budget film. (If only I could intern for your creative endeavors, I’d be the happiest student ever!)

  17. wendy says:

    you are not defined by your childhood. as a child, nothing around you is a result from anything thats you. honest reflection takes strength . you have more than most as you are today, evolve your heritage. same family tree, new higher branch. thrive.

  18. jeff says:

    David Weintraub is A pimp ass piece of shit con man, he manages strung out lost soles who he could help but wont, David your A despicable animal.

  19. Clovis says:

    It was a pleasure to travel with you today and I wish you the best for the future ! 😉
    See you !

  20. Jean-Francois says:

    I just discovered your blog. I have a condo overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Sanary-sur-Mer and I would have loved to have you over for a drink. Maybe next time!…

  21. scott says:

    Good stuff. Get well soon.

  22. Johan belgium says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I Just bought the DVD of A.K.A. Wonderfull made.. beeutifyll story.
    Want to watch it tomorrouw again but then in de spilt version..
    I will look for more films from your hand..
    Thanks .. I had 2 nice hours..

  23. Rosemary says:

    Maybe Kristian Digby’s mother found it too soon and wished to grieve just as a family unit. And not have others, strangers taking part in her family’s grieving. Now as time moves on, his mothers feelings to a memorial may have changed. But maybe she and her family are concerned about people finding a memorial for Kristian, as a cause for speaking against the way he died and his sexual preference. If you wish to hold a memorial try involving his family in organising it, but if they still don’t want anything to do with it. Just do it, but do it respectfuly. Keep it quiet, don’t inform the media and inform people only by phone. Just arrange to meet in i.e. a park somewhere. With it being in an outdoor public area, no one can stop it from happening. I’m not sure if you have to inform the authorities. You could always do it as a flashmob

  24. Theron Price says:

    Do you need to have surgery for something? I just went thru a major surgery.
    Theron Price
    Camarillo, CA, USA

  25. Axel says:

    I’ve been searching for a dvd or something of the picture of Dorian Gray for almost two years now and I just can’t find it anywhere. That’s a real shame, ’cause it’s a movie I’d buy directly.
    Anyone who can help: axietraxie@hotmail.com

  26. Che Coker says:

    Mr. Roy could you please remove my previous comment that disclosed my personal history. Originally, when I posted that comment; I wasn’t that tech savvy. I wasn’t aware that anyone in the world could “google” my personal life experiences. Thanks and much love to you, Che Coker.

  27. Directors Guild of America, Inc. (DGA) has collected Foreign Levies for your film, “Method” (2004). You can find your name by following the following link and clicking on the text which reads “$50 or more in Accrued Levies” under “View” on that page. http://www.dga.org/ForeignLevies/NonMemberDirectors.aspx
    Please establish contact using the information on the upper right of that page. Thank You, Jaret L. Johnston, Foreign Levies Supervisor for the Directors Guild of America, Inc.

  28. Hi Duncan, I thought I’d drop you a comment as I can’t directly email you so here goes.

    I read the article about you in the independent today ( http://tinyurl.com/9n9c4az ) and I was shocked and very surprised at your treatment in the US. Forgive my ignorance, I didn’t know who you were until an hour ago (I had to look you up on google to my shame) and I’ve just sat here in my little flat in Norwich, Norfolk, absorbing your blog, looking at the many pictures of handsome men and continued reading until my eyes hurt and my kettle calling me to make a cup of tea.

    I’ve so far felt moved and reminded of my own experiences of being a gay man (now early 30’s, dead in gay years apparently but I don’t subscribe to that myself) with your musings and carefully worded thoughts.

    I look forward to reading more in the future and I sincerely hope you get the justice you deserve for being held in prison for so long for what seems to be no good bloody reason.

    Best Wishes !

    Lew Hugh x x x



  29. Hey Duncan, great meeting you the other day at the Commissary. Check out my website http://www.paleolifestyle.com. I’d be honoured to help you achieve optimal health & fitness. Cheers

  30. Rob Summers says:

    Dear Mr Roy,
    My name is Rob Summers. My Aunt Freda Summers was married to Mr Kuros Khazaei. I think he was your father. I only ask because I’m doing a family tree.

  31. I am curious about your Peter Doig painting. Is it true that Peter Doig removed it from your home while you were away to “protect ” it? I read previously that you were saying that he stole it from you. Which is true?

  32. beardanger says:

    very good photos.

  33. Hi Duncan,

    Just read your blog on DLB!! An eye opener for us in the UK. We can only hope that no one gets hurt in the TD+DLB relationship.

    You are being quoted in the UK media as a DLB “friend”. Is this possibly true having read your piece????? Or is it standard media hyperbola?

    Thank you for your insight.



  34. peterdawson3 says:

    Really enjoy your blog, especially the photography and have been following with great interest for the last couple of years.
    Please keep it going.

  35. Randomly found your post about Bruce Weber, and wanted to comment about how much I enjoyed it. I grew up (gay) enraptured by all his work, but now get such a bad feeling about it all. You articulated those feelings so well. Very interesting that he is never pressed on any of this (or I’ve never read about it). Now he just makes me think of Sandunsky. Creepy, leech who preys on boys, and enablers all around. And an epic ability to deny it all, and keep perpetuating a beautiful fantasy. Anyway – thanks, enjoyed reading!

  36. ericfarr2013 says:

    Love love love love your blog!!!!! Amazing!!!!

  37. Mikk Surva says:

    Hi Duncan,

    Nice Blog and Great Writing! I stumbled upon Your post about Bruce Weber, and You are so right. Im a former model and was sent to his villa in Miami by my agency, so I know first hand how he operates and collaborates with some of the agencies over there. He is the Uncle Terry of male modeling. Just a few days ago I published a book about my Journey and didn’t leave him out. Do You have an e-mail address where I could send the chapter for You about him?? In case You are interested anyway 🙂

    here’s a link to my book –

    Please let me know and keep up the good work 😉


    • Mikk Surva says:

      Uups! Didn’t know the link would turn out like a huge add, sorry about that, but i would still like to send You the chapter 😉

  38. Hi Duncan. I just watched your video interview on Huffington Post. Would love to know more about the jail situation. Also, I would like to get your thoughts on my book about that very subject. Hope to connect with you soon. Best wishes and big hugs. Tracy J.

  39. I have just one thing to say to you : you are blooming brilliant!! your mind is genius ; you have true inner beauty, a sparkle and much wisdom. sending you love.

  40. Keith Porter says:

    Hi Duncan Nice to stumble onto your blog, i remember you from school all those many moons ago , nice to see you remember Whitstable so fondly, i still live here, with my wife and just wanted to say hi hope all is well Keith Porter

  41. djdavisla says:

    So , i decided to give a couple weeks before i responded to your pig picture. i initially signed up to receive your posts because i read your story with the person in malibu, who i met 15 yrs ago when he was a “massage therapist” who myself and my friends who i referred him to thought this sweet boy who baked, and had a fireman for a father was just goodness persona fide…..well, i never tasted the waters, but most of my friends did, i just sensed something was not sincere, and i was so smart wasn’t i? all those big moguls riding bikes and treating this kid as their new discovery, yea i heard about all of it, i don’t mention names because i know how powerful money is and he’s got a lot now, and i truly do not want any connection to that evil energy , oh and the court system ever…….. but we have had our email exchange, he knows i know what he is all about…….. ok
    so, the picture with you carrying the pig, like i said, i waited two weeks. you have so many people reading this, i am sure my little post may not even be read, but i looked at my feelings after looking at this post. I shared it with my sister , a hard core lesbian who ivies in paris,(you want a house in paris) i usually run things by her first, she has great male energy . I do also when i chose to use it. ( to clarify. i believe we have female and male energy. the worst of female is stripper cutting up boyfriends clothes,,, yes that happened to my trainer, he is hot, Male energy…my sister has a lot of it, think submarine capt. or hillary clinton. best of female,energy…mother with child nurturing, like my maid lorena, best of male, ….calm , relaxed but very direct…….) so i work to use both and my female energy said, “unsubscribe this dude, he is carrying a pig) i have four beautiful jack russels who live , slept , love me daily, you have beautiful dogs , do you consider, the intelligence of pigs? they are such beautiful little creatures, for you , someone i had and have an interest in hearing what you say, to be carrying this little piglet so uncaring, ? well it hurt me, i thought you to be a different person than that. I get the whole ” know what you eat thing, what you stated, please re think this, if i can do it, i will send you the swimming pigs of the bahammas, they are such beautiful little creatures , as all animals are, they are gifts to us……. ok, so i still subscribe ( my male energy) you can do what is avail unsubscribe me or whatever , but i like to keep all types in my life ( except malibu realtor types, that person is best off the planet) so , here are all the disclaimers…….i know my spelling and long run sentences are horrible not enough paragraphs, i am or was a very attractive ah, Mo, cause homos dont accept me, i just don’t fit in, hey , i am sexual, i will do what ever pleases me but the gay thing never interested me, not a hater just i find it very dated, oh my brother was gay , the airline steward American airlines , who was huge nelly in regular life and then a mean bad master at the bars, lol, i never understood that stuff. lol, , but back to you………. the move from malibu to country new york? ok, but the pig, please reconsider….thanks …..D

    • djdavisla says:

      10:17 pm. i am not seeing a delete button, i don’t share much , actually i don’t share ever. why tonight? and this hodge podge will not be understood. not enough periods or paragraphs.and unfinished paragraphs.lol, yes they always attack my grammar, oh lordy…. ok it survives.

  42. Hi Duncan I wonder if you can help me. I am working on a series of short stories for publication and I wanted to use an image of Fred Hughes that I found on line and traced back to this blog. I met Fred Hughes in London when I was working on Andy Warhol’s Pork. Could you tell me the origin of the image as I would like to get permission to use it.

    Many thanks


  43. Hi there,

    I’m aware that this is a long shot but I thought I’d try anyway. For my undergraduate English Literature dissertation, I am writing about how art cinema works as a vehicle for queer narratives. One of my three focus films is the fabulous AKA. I was wondering if there’s a possibility that you could make a comment on your uses of non-conventional techniques and to what extent you feel that these are important for the representation of queer narratives.

    Kind regards,

    Natasha Broadhurst

  44. Sorry – to clarify, I’m writing exclusively on British cinema 🙂

  45. Rose Chisnall says:

    Dear Duncan Roy,

    I am an undergraduate student writing on Sexuality in Dorian Gray for my European Lit and Adaptations course. While researching this, my friends (who are also writing on Dorian Gray) and I stumbled on scenes from your Picture of Dorian Gray and were absolutely entranced by your interpretation of the novel. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any form of the film in its entirety, as it has been taken down from youtube and were unable to find any signs of a dvd release. We are desperate to see this film, both because it looks like a fascinating adaptation and because is is a rare adaptation of this novel created by and for Queer people. We were hoping that you would be able and willing to help us view your film in some shape or form. I am especially hopeful, because since watching the few scenes we could find I have been unable to get this film out of my mind.

    I apologise for asking this of you on your personal blog, but I was unable to find any other way of contacting you elsewhere. My friends and I hope that you will help us, but understand if you are unable to.

    Rose Chisnall.

  46. Hi Duncan, I knew your dad for 21 years and I am so sorry for your loss not to mention the pain caused by the actions of your brothers. I hope this gives them a measure of closure since so many of David’s friends will have none. Many of his friends have booked time of work and sent flowers only to have it all thrown back at them. Nobody is perfect yet this was a conscious decision by your brothers whereas one assumes your dad’s were automatic yet still wrong. We will be having a drink for dad tomorrow as we all loved him. As a medium I know he will be at peace now and nothing can hurt him. I am smiling whilst I write this as I’ve just heard how the whole of Herne Bay is buzzing with the news, the florist have never heard the like, your dad will be laughing though, even in his absence he is the centre of the news and attention.

  47. hi Roy; don’t see a contact option so doing it this way. Would you be interested in talking? I don’t know if you are familiar with my writing or not, but besides Sebastian, there are some striking overlaps


  48. Hello Duncan,

    I was wondering if a video copy of ‘Jackson: My Life… Your Fault’ is available anywhere. I remember and enjoyed seeing it on C4 years ago. Very many thanks, Ian Waugh (www.ianwaugh.com/contact).

  49. Duncan, many of your characterizations of the shallowness of American social life are really characterizations of New York and LA. Spend some time in Minneapolis, Denver, or Pittsburgh and you’ll see a more neighborly and genuine model of social life.

    • Duncan Roy says:

      I would like to believe you. I’ve been to all those places and found the same shallow misery.

      • Many in “trump country’ find the coastal cities as alienating as you do. I don’t think you can know what social life is like in these places without having spend considerable periods of time in them. Visits don’t show what a place is like to live in. That’s part of their genuineness, it takes time for people to establish relationships.

  50. Neil Ingram says:

    Dear Mr Roy,

    I hope you ‘enjoyed’ reading the attachment I sent you earlier today, as much as I have enjoyed reading your blog these past few months?

    Aren’t the British Government Wonderful? Thank you.

    Neil 😔🙏

  51. Saw you deleted all of the blog after 2018. Reread the posts about your illness. 🥺 Sending hugs & angel energy. I hope that this finds you at peace & in the loving care of friends. Blessed be.

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