Dear gay app user, unless Bruce Weber or Robert Mapplethorpe took your dick or ass pic… please don’t send unsolicited x rated pics to me.

It’s annoying enough having to lie about my age or endure a world of gays judge my acceptability based on the one pic I have that conceals my identity, gives me a masculine edge, attracts the right kind of guy and presents a youthful visage.

I live mostly upstate, I’ve met lovely people here using apps.  I spent three delicious days last week luxuriating in the arms of some traveling gay man.  The time limitation only adding to the sexual delight. We packed a ten year relationship into three days. Perfect.

I am constantly reminded that any app where gay men meet should only be considered for sex. Fuck. I’m exhausted by the sexual unmanageability of others.  Another flaccid, blurry, cut or uncut pic of yet another penis. The skanky ass pic… misguidedly sent with the intention to allure.


Last year I wrote:

Reading how my informed, affluent friends get the average Trump supporter so wrong. Fascist? Maybe. Hitler didn’t steal Germany on the promise of killing Jews, he promised a fairer society. He inspired the downtrodden. He wanted to make Germany great again, he wanted to improve the self esteem of the German people. It’s easy to make these bland comparisons. Trump and Hitler. But I ask you, what’s YOUR part in this? We are all responsible for creating the kind of voter who supports trump. Were you ever interested in equal pay, for the end of illegal wars or the demise of the American Dream? As long as you could indulge in the worst excesses of capitalism. Your idea of equality is not shared by those millions of people left behind after the banking crisis. You didn’t give a damn about those whose homes Obama could have saved but didn’t. You couldn’t care less about a living wage for the most hard working among us. Your desire for Clinton’s more of the same… has a shelf life. It is coming to an end. Chaos is nigh.

Like many people I think a lot about Trump, how right I was about his rise to power and how I foresee a bloody rebellion in our future.  At present his followers seem quite demure but given the opportunity, the motivation or goaded by Fox News this can change in a second.

However much I may loathe Trump I am continually reminded and want to remind you: Donald Trump is uniquely American.   He comes as no surprise to the rest of the world.  For many he merely confirms what the rest of the world already knows about the USA: that profit, ignorance and selfishness… the essence of zombie capitalism are valued beyond humanity.

When Americans complain about their elections being rigged they forget just how often they stayed silent as they rigged the elections of other sovereign nations or simply overthrew hostile governments.  When Americans complain about trump they forget that most of the world has been treated as trump treats the USA.  We got used to it, so will you.