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Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer

Most of you know there is little love lost between me and gay Hollywood… the gay establishment, our unelected leaders, our taste makers and moral guides… or lack of them.   From Chad Griffin (who now claims to be the Rosa Parks of marriage equality) at the HRC to the bullying tactics of gay mafia org Glaad I have made my voice heard and paid the price.

During the last year I have had death threats and put up with the gay rumor mill distorting facts about me.   So, today, old acquaintance Bryan Singer finds himself in my world… the shadowy world of innuendo, accusations, smears, allegations and (unlike me) the hard to remove stains of rape and pedophilia.

The gays are springing to his defense.  The boy was 17.  Old enough to know better.  Old enough to say no.  Well, as we all know, whether it is Jerry Sandusky or Bryan Singer power and prestige can be very alluring to a damaged soul and let’s face it… many young gays are very damaged.  It’s difficult to say no if you think saying yes will change… everything.

Dorian Gray was a damaged soul.  Just a boy.  Would he give in to love… or power and prestige?  We all know the answer.

Duncan. Unknown, Brandon Boyce, Bryan Singer Fire Island

I first met Bryan on Fire Island 20 years ago.  He stayed at our house with Brandon Boyce and some eager young twink.  Latterly I stayed with him in Hollywood, and we have kept friendly but distant ever since.  When I was arrested he (and his friends) delighted in my jail time* and made snide comments about me getting into trouble.  Their arrogance, like most sexually unmanageable people, was legion.

Bryan and I have discussed his boy obsessions and sex tourism. We have discussed his prescription drug addiction.  We have discussed his drinking problem.  We have discussed his point that it is useless to know anyone socially unless there is a sexual point.

Today Bryan finds himself at the center of a roiling  sex scandal.  It is of his own making.  Everyone one knew… but no one said a word.  Young boys on his arm, on his set, at dinner with equally vile boy obsessed Hollywood grandees… the lamentable Adam Press, the teen dating Dustin Lance Black.

If you want to get on in Hollywood straight or gay… you better learn how to please the directors and producers you meet at drug fueled, drink sodden gay parties.

Of course, when someone cries foul, the gays think it is the victims ‘fault’.  They have played victim for so long.

Somebody suggested to me this morning that it was ‘homophobic’ of those accusing Bryan of rape.  No, it’s not homophobic to accuse someone of rape, it’s homophobic to forcibly sodomise someone.

Bryan’s close friends include Guy Shalem (Jane Lynch’s red carpet plus one), Transformers Producer Tom DeSanto and Teen Wolf director Toby Wilkins.  Finding themselves on private jets, at Elton John’s Oscar party and vast Hollywood mansions overlooking Los Angeles.  They are surrounded by a stable of beautiful young boys.  They are delighted to be included.  It’s always so much fun.  Bryan can make anything happen.  He has so many cool toys.

Bryan films a group of eastern european ‘barely legal’ porn performers ejaculating over him… then shows the video to who ever wants to see.   Many do.   Bryan audaciously dresses as a catholic priest for Halloween, amusing his friends with his ‘ironic’ choice of costume.  Bryan loses his Ferrari in The Beverly Center parking lot and has a panic attack.  He drives with the parking attendant in a golf buggy until he locates the car.

Amy Berg, the Oscar nominated documentary maker has been researching predators like Bryan for the past two years.  Her explosive documentary about sexual misconduct in Hollywood will blow the lid off  those who perpetrate these heinous sex crimes and those in power (sex therapists, law enforcement, prosecutors and the judiciary) who collude with wealthy pedophiles and rapists to keep their sex crimes secret.

This story is no longer just one lone victim brave enough to tell the truth about Bryan Singer.

I like Bryan Singer and rather than sneer at him (as he did me) I am hopeful that someone is keeping a seat warm for him at a Sex Addict meeting where he will find solace and understanding from many other ‘important’ Hollywood men who have fallen from grace whilst arrogantly thinking they could get away with what ever they pleased, when ever they wanted, regardless of price or consequences.

As we shall see.  There are always consequences.  Even for Bryan Singer… and his ilk.

From an earlier blog:

So, this beautiful teenager arrives at a party I’m at last week in the Hollywood Hills.   Fresh off the boat.  He’s beautiful.  He has a fresh, open face…his pale skin is flawless.


He hadn’t been in Hollywood for longer than a month but already he’s on the arm (unwittingly) of a so called LA ‘producer‘ who, it seems, has immediately pimped the boy out to the head of programming for a popular music network.  The no name, no hope LA producer pimping the boy out… so that he might curry favor with the TV grandee.  Just to be clear… the same LA producer hires young boys to ‘read scripts’ so he has access to their young boy world.

The whores and the pimps and the fairies…

The network head ain’t no beauty. He looks like Dobby from Harry Potter.

So the good looking kid arrives and he tells me that he’s working in NYC with an equally scummy NYC ‘producer’ who always has some starstruck kid on his arm.  The NYC producer looks like he has downs syndrome, he looks like his teeth are too big for his fat, useless head. He looks like he’s wearing a wig but the fringe ain’t deep enough to cover the alcohol bloat, the never was visage.  He was a bullied kid at the expensive school his mother sent him to… signed him up the moment she heard the sperm had hit the egg.

Both of these producers have one thing in common: they have loads of inherited money and never produced anything.


They might have their names attached to invisible projects, they might have inveigled their way into the production meeting of some meaningless movie, thrown a little cash behind an artless indi. But, they ain’t never winning no awards, they ain’t never been invited to no Sundance, Berlin or Cannes.  They’ll go anyway, keeping their mouths shut to those who matter and lying to those who don’t.

Should I tell you who they are?


So I’m keeping my head down. I’m not saying a word. I’m instagramming the bar man, I’m already elsewhere…waiting for something real to happen.   Dobby (the music TV network head) shows the man I’m standing with his very smart, smart phone. He’s so excited. There are hi def pictures and video of the same wide eyed teenager at Dobby’s huge house wearing just…a towel.   Yes. The kid is wearing a towel around his waist, his perfectly sculpted body on full view and standing beside him is another, equally cut young teen.

Two young boys.

The inference? You don’t need me to explain this to you do you?

So I take this kid to one side and I ask him if he’s gay? He’s not. I ask him what he thinks of the network head showing everybody his new naked body to anyone the network head needs to impress.

‘They are good guys.’ he reassures me.

No, I say…they are anything but good guys.

You know, all he wants (this kid) is a job, a chance, an opportunity, the dream of celebrity…freedom. He can almost taste it. He knows that these men make all the difference.

His desire for a better life is palpable.  He’ll drink the drinks. Undress, get into the hot tub.

You know, I love beauty. I love it. Look, I’m surrounded with beauty.  My ex-friend might say, oh your just jealous. You’re just jaded because you want what they’ve got,  Believe me, I do just fine. But on terms that do not compromise my integrity.

Would I show random strangers the body of some boy who stands feet from me? Knowing that those artless, semi pornographic images suggest that we are more than just…innocent friends?  The network head winks, smiling…dribbling over the screen on the smart phone.  Dobby’s nose is dripping from undisclosed snorting.

He says, without saying anything: That teen boy…the boy with the perfect abs. He’ll do anything..because he thinks I’m going to get him a role, find him an agent…make him the next teen sensation. LOL.


He lets seasoned Hollywood gays believe that this boy will do just about anything to get on.  Dobby wants you to believe he fucked the boy. Dobby is powerful. Dobby can get whatever he wants. Even the virgin ass of a young boy fresh off the boat. Particularly… the young ass of the boy standing feet away from us, oblivious that he is now the victim of rank objectification and intrigue.

Proud to be gay? Not today.

So I wrote a short email to the NYC ‘producer’ guy. I told him what was going on with his protege. He wrote back immediately…he thought it was hilarious. I reminded the fat, vodka marinated, creep…that the boy…has parents.


* For those of you who want to know why I was in jail and why I am currently suing LA County:  my civil rights lawsuit arises from the fact that I was unlawfully held in the Los Angeles County jail for 85 days, in violation of my constitutional right to post bail. (I was a pretrial detainee and eligible to post bail yet the jail did not allow me to post bail). I was denied the opportunity to post bail because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had issued an immigration hold (sometimes referred to as an “ICE hold”). An immigration hold is a request from ICE to hold a detainee so that ICE can look into their immigration status; it doesn’t mean the person has violated immigration laws or even that ICE has probable cause to believe they’ve violated immigration laws. At the time of my arrest, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department routinely denied bail to pretrial detainees with immigration holds, which is illegal under California and federal constitutional standards. Since the filing of my lawsuit, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department discontinued this practice and now permits pretrial detainees with ICE holds to post bail.

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Yeah generalizing about any ethnic group is an exercise in faulty logic Everyone in any group is an individual. No ethnicity should be thought of as an homeogenous entity. Please don’t get on my case for my misspell here. I can’t read the print of my paperback dictionary due to Uveitis. Even making general positive remarks is wrong. ie Jews a good providers, Jewish men make the best husbands. Heck everyone is an individual.

Christinne learn to read, he said he has fantasized about being the “wide eyed boy” as in being the “victim.” I’ll give you 3 pts for getting me to reply and 1 pt for using all caps, 4/10

“Today Bryan finds himself in a boiling vat of sex scandal. It is of his own making. Everyone one knew… but no one said a word.” Including you, Duncan.

For someone who says they are not going to sneer at him, this is a pretty sneery piece to post in light of the allegations.

My heart bleeds. As for not saying anything? Is that a question or a statement? You have no idea what we talked about. In light of these allegations… as an abuse survivor… I can be as sneery as I like.

Firstly, thanks for the reply. I didn’t think you would allow my comment, so much respect to you for that.

It was a statement, but I guess now it is a question. Of course, I don’t have any idea what you and Bryan talked about. That wasn’t what I was referring to. I assume, considering what you said in your blog after the quote I posted, that you are referring to underage sex and the abuse? I only take issue with why nothing was said. As someone who was also abused, I’m sure you can understand where I’m coming from with my angry tone when I read something like that.

Please don’t get me wrong, we are very much on the same page when it comes to the actions of the type of people it seems we have both had first hand experience with in the industry.

It’s your blog post (and a very enlightening one). You are entitled to be as sneery as you like. But seeing as you have opened this arena for comments, I wanted to point out the contradiction and double standard you don’t seem aware of that came across as a reader.

For the record, I’m no fan of Singer’s antics. I’ve seen his barely legal boys on sets, being given the royal treatment, parts as extras while they are there, but innocent until proven guilty and all that in regards to the rape allegations.


i followed a link over here from dlisted, well, the link went from dlisted to defamer to this, but anyhow, michael k is a pretty reputable guy in my opinion, most of his stuff turns out to be true. and i have read the accusations made by the plaintiff in this case, and when you couple that with what i’m reading here, i don’t know, it seems true to me. i don’t know why any parent would allow their child to get involved in that life. and hollywood loves the young boys. that’s obvious. i kinda hope this guy with this lawsuit gets some justice, but i highly doubt that will happen. i’ll be checking this whole blog out now.

Dude this is awful. I totally believe the allegations after seeing the photos. I am gay and out myself and people like Brian Singer destroy everything we are working for. I was once young and cute and the old old men were all over me even when I was 15. I hope these old men in Hollywood are destroyed. I sent Sir Ian McKellan a facebook message about this but I doubt it will get to him. I refuse to see anymore movies this guy makes. Keep in mind this is not unique to the gay community as people like the former prime minister of italy and other straight people do it with girls as well. The gay community is especially hurt by these types of people because of stereotypes.


Collins-Rector was the main creative force. A 40-year-old technology guru with no entertainment experience, his background was murky even to the top executives he hired. But he did have tens of millions of dollars and a certain amount of tech industry cachet from an earlier company he had founded called Concentric Research.

His two DEN co-founders were Chad Shackley, then 24, who had lived with Collins-Rector since dropping out of a Michigan high school, and Brock Pierce, then a 17-year-old actor best known for his leading roles in such Disney films as “The Mighty Ducks” and “First Kid.”

All three lived in a 12,616-square-foot mansion in Encino, drove a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, wore Armani suits, took spur-of-the-moment vacations to the tropics and threw parties that attracted a young, hip crowd that also defined DEN’s target audience.

Another bloke from Disney worked for DEN…..,7636249,359773

They are all at it, filthy perverts.

Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard, and David Neuman allegedly sexually abused Michael Egan during parties at an [b][color=red]Encino, Calif.,[/color][/b] mansion and on [b][color=red]trips to Hawaii,[/color][/b] the suits, which were filed in a federal court in Hawaii, state. The allegations against Singer, which he has denied, took place at the same parties and trips. Egan, 31, says he was 15 when the abuse first occurred.

[b]Collins-Rector mansion…[/b]
The windfall enabled Collins-Rector and Shackley to pursue a lavish new lifestyle. They bought an enormous RV and traveled the country scouting living locations, settling briefly in Beverly Hills before paying $2.47 million in 1997 for a mansion in [b][color=red]Encino.[/color][/b]

They called it the “M & C Estate,” for Marc and Chad. The 1 1/2-acre property, which includes a swimming pool, aquariums and a movie screening room, became a stage not only for elaborate parties, but for DEN. It was initially the base for the company and provided the filming location for a number of DEN shows, including “Chad’s World.”

One former supervisor said Collins-Rector directed him to hire certain teenagers who weren’t qualified for the jobs they sought. “He would come to me with ultimatums on who I should hire,” said the former manager, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Young hip kids were his thing.”

Some workers said they felt compelled to do things well outside their job descriptions. One young employee said he was told that “if he valued his job” he would travel with Collins-Rector and his young executives, Shackley and Pierce, on a vacation to a[b][color=red] tropical resort [/color][/b]last spring.

The employee complained to his supervisor, who confirmed the account to The Times, but who said he didn’t report the matter to top executives because they worked for Collins-Rector. The teenager said that he felt compelled to make the trip and that Shackley made a sexual pass at him. After he rejected the proposition, the teenager said, the trip ended early.

Attorney Calls Allegations False

Favored employees were also invited to parties at the Encino mansion, and several said they were encouraged to spend the night there.


This link I posted in a previous post, worked about 2 hours ago, now it has been deleted. I wonder why???

It was all about D.E.N and those swimming pool parties with young boys, and names of certain stars etc mentioned.

“Sean William Scott used rustle up street kids for your list. That is how he got acting gigs.” He was involved with the DEN crowd, as were Geffen and Singer. By the way, what ever happened to those DEN freaks, anyway?,10331318,3

The DEN wiki page has been altered, 4 days ago, I wonder why.

Who was in charge of DEN……

Subsequently, civil lawsuits from boys employed by DEN alleged s[b]exual abuse and coercion using drugs and guns[/b] by Collins-Rector, co-founder [[Chad Shackley]], and DEN Executive VP [[Brock Pierce]…375250020


One of those in charge of DEN Gary Gersh, was in charge of Capitol Records, and it was he who signed Kurt Cobain to Geffen records,5234718

Silva another in charge of DEN….
Gersh and Silva now manage the Foo Fighters,+Inc.+Names+Ritts+Chairman.-a056918403

Ritts left Channel One in the mid-90′s to head the
LPGA women’s golf tour. He did a fairly good job from what I have
read but many of the golfers were ready to see him leave. [b][color=red]He then
made a terrible career move by joining Digital Entertainment Network.
They showed Ritts the door[/color][/b] and he was hired back at Channel One
in 2000.




Bryan Singer Allegations Bringing In Bigger Names

Matthew Morrison from Glee is pals with Singer

Cory Monteith from Glee killed himself????

[b]The more I dig about this the sadder it gets. SO many names are being attached. I even read that the guy from Glee who died might have been one of the guys who was abused & helped them find boys who were abused. It’s also been said that Seann William Scott was someone who was helping find boys. SO many involved it’s just disgusting.[/b]

Garth Ancier is friends with CARLO ROMERO …
Carlo Romero is friends with Barry Diller

It is all connected but by who or what, that is the question, one big rabbit hole to be entered.

Barry Diller and David Geffin
Geffin and Obama


Is DEN the key???


Found this image on Ian McKellens site.

[b]Its a Wrap! (L to R) Bryan Singer, Ian McKellen, and Brad Renfro at the end of filming, April 4, 1997. [/b]

[b]This was my last day of filming interior scenes at Occidental Studios, built for Mary Pickford and the oldest working studio in Los Angeles.
Brad Renfro was a good pal to me. From opposite positions of age, experience, nationality and temperament we met and at once trusted each other. [color=red]He was not yet 15 years old[/color]. His brio and enthusiasm for all aspects of filming were contagious. During shooting Apt Pupil, he wrote directed and acted in a short video of his own devising.[/b]

Look at the age of Brad Renfro in Apt Pupil??

Tribute to Brad Renfro by Ian Mckellen 2008……

[b]In Hollywood he was a teenage charmer, chaperoned by his beloved grandmother and by his admirers who protected him as best they could from the dangers of being a child in a careless adult’s world. [/b]

[b]Seventeen days after Renfro’s death, his grandmother Joanne – who had accompanied him regularly during his early acting career – died at her home at the age of 76.[22] Local officials stated that she died of natural causes.[/b] CONVENIENT??

[b]Hollywood seems to have mind-controlled Brad and dragged him into a world of vice.

“Soon the homo-romance became manipulative and abusive…

“As a young adult, Brad played characters who were either gay, or homophobic, or both, in Bully (2001), Tart (2001), Deuces Wild (2002), Tenth and Wolf (2006), and The Informers (2008).”[/b]

You know, if any of this was made up, surely Egan would of outed major league Hollywood big-wigs, household names. Who has heard of Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard, or David Neuman, so why name them unless it is true.


ENTIN TWINS AND [color=red]GARY GODDARD[/color]????????

It is sort of interesting; I’ve been working out of [color=red]Garry Goddard’s[/color] offices. Now Garry Goddard directed the 1987 movie Masters of the Universe and he also created the 80 million dollar Star Trek Experience that use to be in Las Vegas. I had edited all of the videos that you saw when you were in that attraction, there were various Star Trek videos being played and I was hired to do that. This was in 1996 and 1997. Well I’ve stayed friends with Garry and I was editing a feature film, here in his office, called My Eleventh, that hasn’t come out that’s executive produced by [color=red]Bryan Singer[/color], written by [color=red]Edmund Entin[/color] and it was directed by [color=red]Gary Entin,[/color] two friends of mine and in this office there was another guy named Roger Lay Jr. who was producing the 25th anniversary Captain Power and The Soldiers of the Future DVD, if anyone remembers that show from 1987, and Garry Goddard created that show. BY Robert Meyer-Burnett SAME BLOKE (TOMMY JOHNSON)IN THE BACKGROUND


Garth Ancier
David Neuman
Tommy Johnson
Jeff Davis
Randal Kleiser


ENTIN TWINS AGAIN???? Bryan Singer ‏@BryanSinger Dec 26
#XmasDay Dinner at #Nobu #Honolulu with friends Yes, I cut my hair off.


More photos, you will see, the same people seem to pop-up knowing the same people-up, either a small world or something else. But how they are connected and by who, well that is for someone else to find.

JEFF DAVIS-[color=red]DAVID NEUMAN [/color]
JEFF DAVIS-[color=red]GARTH ANCIER[/color]
JEFF DAVIS-DAN HARRIS(Superman Returns writer, protege of Singer)
ANDREW (C)-[color=red]DAVID NEUMAN[/color]
ANDREW (C)-[color=red]GARTH ANCIER[/color]
[color=red]GARY GODDARD[/color]-GARY ENTIN
[color=red]BRYAN SINGER[/color]-LEE FOX WILLIAMS(friend of Gary Entin)
[color=red]BRYAN SINGER[/color]-ENTIN TWINS


[color=red]BRYAN SINGER[/color]-ENTIN TWINS
GARY ENTIN-[color=darkred]GARY GODDARD[/color]


Curiouser, and curiouser???

Tom Daley’s boyfriend denies he is to be quizzed as character witness in Hollywood sex abuse case involving X-Men director Bryan Singer

Look who Tom Daley is friends with on Facebook…..
[color=red]TOMMY JOHNSON[/color]

Tom Daleys boyfriend with Bryan singer
Tom Daleys boyfriend with Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen
Tom Daleys boyfriend with Gus Van Sant
Tom Daleys boyfriend with James Franco & Gus Van Sant

Look who is Tom Daley’s boyfriend ( Dustin Lance Black) friends on Facebook…..

This bloke Jordan Bass
He seems to be a casting agent
He is friends on Facebook with Gary & Edmund Entin and Tommy Johnson……


Edmund Entin-Gary Goddard-Tommy Johnson-Brock Pierce(founder of DEN & friend of Marc Collins-Rector
Ryan Simpkins-Gary Goddard
Jeff Davis-
Russell Mulcahy-David Neuman-Tommy Johnson


Connections, connection…..

As Buzzfeed also reported Wednesday night, it’s widely believed in West Hollywood that Singer has multiple men who, as one source put it to me, “do [Singer’s] bidding for him.” The staging ground for this operation is TigerHeat, a notorious gay party frequented by men like [color=red][b]Tommy Johnson (a fledgling writer) and Wayne Castro[/b][/color], a promoter of sorts who also throws his own party, Heaven Lounge, in conjunction with TigerHeat, LLC. (The rapper Iggy Azalea is performing there this weekend.)





Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black , who is notorious in L.A. for having the same taste in men as Singer and who frequented his parties years ago.


Describes Castro and Johnson as Singer’s “24-hour henchmen,”




More name of investors and partners of DEN, some may be worth a looking into, you never know.

Google “Never happened parties” OR google “NH parties in Hollywood.” Perverts!

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