I promised that I wouldn’t write about where and who I was staying with… it just feels like boasting.

But… here I am.   Staying with my very old friend Daisy Cockburn on The Lost Coast.   We met thirty years ago at Phil H’s house on Langton Street, Worlds End, Chelsea.

Her house/compound is too perfect.  Filled with unusual and beautiful things.  It was left to her by her father.  Her father, Alexander Cockburn was a famous and magnificent political writer.  Alexander died last July.

He collected the most extraordinary ceramics, eclectic paintings and built a tower on the hill that I have not yet visited.  The ceramics are mostly by LA based ceramist Jim Danisch.   Daisy’s mother is the writer Emma Tennant.  Her cousin is Olivia Wilde.

I drove from LA.  Through San Francisco.  The last 60 miles along perilous roads in the dark.  Tarmac Roads that suddenly give out to treacherous gravel.  Past the magnificent redwoods that even in the dark… are extraordinary.

I slept in a huge bed built on a wooden platform.  I slept like a giant redwood log.  At night, I can hear the Mattole river moving quickly over tiny gray pebbles.  This morning we all… dogs too… swam in the cold clear water.

More pics tomorrow.