I taught the inmates at MCJ the meaning of the word nonce.

It was funny. Didn’t sound like it does when people use it at home.

It really is the worst word you could imagine calling someone. Much worse than the word cunt.

Mind you, an insult is all in the delivery.


A young man wrote to me yesterday.

He told me that he was gay, lived in Arkansas. An Iranian Jew. His mother tells him that gays are sick, should be in mental hospitals.

He sits there watching her. He knows that he will never ever tell her the truth.

Perhaps, he said, he should trick a girl into being with him. So…he won’t end up alone.

Sound familiar?

Now, that’s a closet.


I am struck by how many young men I meet are fascinated by English men with beards.

So, I asked him. He said, “Have you seen the film The Weekend?”

I smiled and quietly thanked Andrew Haigh under my breath.


God and the devil. In league with both of them…to make art.


Read the Hollywood Reporter. “I was crazy for many years.” says Oliver Stone.

Which artist isn’t?


I am happy. Not blissfully…but at ease with myself.