I had such a spectacular day yesterday.  I am determined that today should be the same.  With that in mind I set off at 7am for my Palisades Men’s AA meeting.  Had breakfast with the guys.

There is a huge cloud of marine layer climbing up the mountain as I write.

Usual crowd at the meeting.  Love the men in that room collectively, loathe them individually.  Everything I judge I walk through.   I have to remember that.

Listening to John Martyn.

Miles threw me into the sea yesterday.  I somersaulted into a huge wave, gulped seawater, swallowed it, smashed into the sand.  It was so much fun.

The Little Dog loves the sand, he dug two great big holes and sat in them.  Clever dog.  I love our beach club.  I have only been there twice in 4 years.

Anna, my NYC producer friend, is coming for lunch.

The wind in my face.  Malibu morning.

I am getting better.  Thanks wholesome twins.  Thanks AA.  Thanks beautiful weather.  Thanks dewy morning garden.

Here are  some odd moments: