Heat Wave

[wpvideo NqUGScFN]

Gorgeous day here in Malibu.  Another day on the beach with the twins.  They are dragging me out of the house and making me laugh.  More to come.   A heat wave with record-breaking temperatures.  I may go into rehab sooner than I thought.  Long chat with therapist/admin at Pinegrove Mental Health Facility in Hattiesburg Miss.

The film is progressing.  We have a title at last.

One reply on “Heat Wave”

Duncan, I know you not at all, but I love your blog, your honesty. You’re a terrific writer with some great stories to tell, and you tell them so well. I love checking in to read what’s going on with you. You seem surrounded by friends, people who love you, wherever you go- LA, NY, Whitstable, London. You seem to have a life packed full with options, and real love around you. I enjoy reading about your time with friends, delicious meals you’ve had with them or whipped up, desultory afternoons spent in the company of good people, with whom you have history and mutual affection.

I wish I had that. I don’t mean that in a jealous way, just that reading your accounts of happy times, simple pleasures, gives me longings sometimes. I’m a gay man, geographically isolated, and I take pleasure in reading about your days, the pleasures of friendship, for which you have a clear and beautiful talent. I wish you wouldn’t beat yourself up, be so distressed by that jerk, the illusions we all experience at some point, people we fall for and they let us down terribly. Just want you to know I’m rooting for your happiness, and I’m not the only one. Best to you.

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