Jean Perramon RIP

My neighbour, Jean-Maxime Perramon was killed on the 101 yesterday.  He got out of his Ferrari at the edge of the freeway and was hit by a Lexus.

According to the CHP report two other vehicles were involved in the accident which happened at approximately 12:25 p.m February 26th 2011.

A silver Chevy van traveling north on the 101, five miles north of Reyes Adobe Road, initiated a lane change.  A silver Lexus ES350 swerved to avoid it but collided with the rear of the van.

The Lexus driver lost control of the car and sideswiped Perramon’s Ferrari parked on the right shoulder.

Jean had stepped out of his vehicle because, according to the report, he thought he had hit a piece of metal.  As he did so, he was instantly struck by the Lexus.

He was taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The driver of the Chevy has been identified by the CHP as James Pershing Flynn, 67, of Thousand Oaks, and the driver of the Lexus as Antonio Castillo, 37, of Montebello.

“Tonya Nicole Toma, 37, of Agoura Hills, was present in Perramon’s Ferrari at the time of the accident.”

Jean introduced me to Malibu.   Showed me around.  I discovered the house I would end up buying with Jean.  We were once very good friends…for many months inseparable.  Running up and down that bloody Malibu mountain in his Ferrari, attending AA meetings all over LA.

An unwitting child prodigy, Jean began his career earning money drawing chalk pictures on the streets of Paris. His creative talents did not go unnoticed. After completing art college he was hired as an art director by the important French advertising agency Oscar Mors et Varout.  This would lead to his exclusively overseeing the world-wide advertising account for L’Oreal.

He moved to the USA where he became a production designer for the Richard Williams Animation Studio, becoming one of LA’s premier digital directors and designers working with artists and animators to create eyecatching, entertaining projects for clients such as Kellogg’s Froot Loops campaign.

Incredibly successful but mortally wounded by rarely discussed childhood events.

Jean lived with his wife and elderly mother on two lots on Rambla Pacifico.  His Mother doesn’t speak perfect English so I would stop the truck and natter with her in French whenever I saw her.

Jean’s Mother remains a charming local character who walks the neighbourhood waving at passing cars.  Jean was forever shouting at her.

I called his wife this morning.  She sounded understandably exhausted.

Forever remodeling his home.  I wonder if he ever finished it?  Apparently he did, the house stands as a testament to his creativity and endurance.

His struggle to overcome active addiction was legendary to anyone who knew him.  I hope that he died sober.

He was one of the most tormented men I knew.

He will be at peace now.

Very Sad.

P.S.  A few months later his frail mother died in her sleep.

Jean Perramon


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My son saw the aftermath, a friend of his saw it happen. We live on the other side of the wall where he was hit. It has affected me badly. The helicopter flew in over my house, landed on the freeway. My son told me they didn’t take him. I assumed the worst. My son said he was literally pulled out of his shoes. I guess he was parked on the white line, not far enough over to avoid getting hit. I said prayers he would survive. But I had a bad feeling. My son said he was breathing, but mom there’s too much blood. I’m very sad about this. I’m not sure why so many accidents happen in this immediate area of the freeway? If you talk to his family, let them know the jesse family is devastated to find he has passed. This is a tragedy.

We are investigating this tragedy. Cathy, can you please provide the name and phone of your sons friend who may have witnessed this very sad accident. Thank you.

i worked with jean about 12 years ago. he was remodeling his home then! he always gave me tickets to The Magic Castle. so sad to hear of this tragedy. my heart goes out to his family, friends and co-workers.

he died a sober wonderful man. I know that . In the short time I knew Jean he was such a giving amazing man. He will truly be missed RIP forever Jean
Love jenny-fer xoxoxo your serra friend!! and coffee bean buddy i love ya always

Cathy, We are beginning an investigation into this terrible tragedy, which has caused grief to so many. May I respectfully ask you for the name and contact information of the witness your son may know. Thank you for your help. John Neustadt. [email protected]

Ah, Jean! What an wonderful human being. We had coffee almost every day, and were together the day before he died. He had such a huge heart. He touched many people, and will be dearly missed. We love you, Jean!

He was a kind and gentle soul. A lover of life. When I would tell him about my kids, he expressed one regret- that he never had children. I sadly say; the world missed out on a great dad. He had much love to give and would have been awesome !

I knew Jean from meetings a few years ago when I lived in LA and I remember how he used to pick you up from Hollywood and drive you to the Palisades. You two seemed like great friends. I was really sad to hear that he died. I know that he found staying sober very hard and after he fell off the wagon the 10th time I started to keep my distance. It’s difficult to keep the faith when others don’t seem to ‘get it’. Danny

I tried going on the web site you mentioned, it would not allow me to? My son has told me the car that hit him was not a lexus, as mentioned on the CHP report on line. I’m not sure whats going on? Maybe this was a typo? but my son and our next door neighbor both said it was not a lexus. But his car was parked on the white line, because my son (a serious car enthusiast and soon to be mechanic ) said he should have pulled over further, and was in danger parked this way. My son is saying because he was parked this way, and got out of his car, was the reason why he was hit. but i dont know because I was not standing on the freeway. I could not bring myself to walk across the street I was so upset. He called me from the freeway and was telling what was happening. my son doesnt know this kids name, said he pulled over on the freeway, guess it happened while he was driving which is why he pulled over to see if Jean was OK.
They took awhile to come in the helicopter. I heard the sirens. And when I hear sirens , I pray.
Anyhow, there have been a lot of fatalities right between Reyes Adobe and where I live. Two boys were killed recently right at Reyes Adobe. Another time a truck ran into the same wall, and another time a car crashed and flew right off the freeway past the wall, and onto Canwood Street.
I dont know why so many accidents happen here, but I often wonder. Having “Reyes Adobe” (known to be haunted) right around the corner, and a lot of spiritual things happening around this area. I dont know what you believe in, but its just a fact in this area. Regardless of what you believe, theres a lot of odd things that happen.
I dont know this man but I feel just sick about whats happened. All of my kids feel terrible. My daughter is at the Academy of Art University up in San Francisco and I told her about what happened, I read that he is an artist.
I wish you all the best in figuring out whats happened. I really have zero idea why they would not say the correct car that hit him? Please let me know what information you have. My son is really upset knowing the report from the CHP is incorrect.

I would like an answer about this “Lexus”. I just asked my son again, are you sure it was not a lexus, he said “I’m 300% sure” – this kid can give you the specs of any car ever made. He knows his cars, all of them.

If it was another kid, I’d question him. even our neighbor kid said nope, it was not a lexus?

Was the driver of the car that hit him being spared for some reason? I dont get it?

On line they say the driver of the lexus’ name……..???


Jean Max, It was a pleasure and honor to have know you for more then 40 years. We shared some wonderful moments together especially with Christina and Martine in Paris, that I will cherish for the rest of my life. May God Bless You and prey that you are chosen as one of His artist in heaven.

Thank you, Duncan, for sharing about the wonderful, sweet Jean Perramon. May his sensitive soul find peace. I’ll miss him too. Dan

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