Delightful day yesterday.  Did not go to therapy.  Did not worry about anything.  Walked the dog.

I know that I have said this a million times but when the sea glitters there is nothing better that sitting quietly and gazing down at the Pacific.  Awesome!  Better than therapy.

Lunch at Geoffrey’s with friends, English friends.  CP’s friends.  British director in town to direct a studio movie and his wife.  Lively, intelligent conversation.  The wife was very funny…especially when describing her ex-nanny.

Ate crab cakes (poor), salad nicoise (forgettable).   The food at Geoffrey’s is really not very good but the view is wonderful.  They charged us per Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade) and diet coke rather than giving us free refills which is de rigueur in So Cal.

After lunch, they collected their children from the nanny and we drove back to the house.   Their kids (7 and 18 months) were delightful.  Whilst I made a big pot of tea they picked tangerines and lemons from the trees.  I showed the kids the video Anna shot the day I killed the rattle snake in the garden.  The seven-year old was entranced by the snake…of course.  He then wanted to see what a flesh-eating ant looked like….and a cicada.  So, we sat on Google until he found what he was looking for.

Dinner in Brentwood with Jody.  He has two infants who he is bringing up single-handedly.   We ate at A Votre Sante in Brentwood which was DISGUSTING and cost $25.  I can think of better ways of spending money.

I am meant to be seeing Jody again today but…

The car started making a rattling noise on the way home and this morning it stopped completely.  Trapped!  Thankfully CP is on his way over to hang out and have lunch and tie up loose ends.  He leaves later today.

My return East is imminent.  Much to do before I leave.

By the way…I have a new neighbour.  A Swami called Shantanand Saraswanti.  He looks just like you imagine an Indian mystic might look.  Big hair, big beard etc.  He dropped by yesterday and, after asking if I would like to be ‘acquainted’ with him, handed me a pamphlet called Confusion and Clarity.  What does he know? (!)   I’ll read it later.

There is a huge storm heading this way and should make landfall on Wednesday.