There have indeed been months of worry and a pervading sense of doom.   Liberated from all of this…I feel invincible.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually life has been particularly nasty.

Now, unencumbered with either fear of imminent death, financial insecurity due to exceptional sales of art and my recommitment to a more sober life (without internet obsessions) I will fight what ever I need to fight to make my life comfortable and fair.

I will step out of the shadows and into the light.

I promise you all that the next man I let into my bedroom will be treated like a whore.  The next man I let into my heart will be treated like the king I expect him to be.

No more half measures.  No more wasted tears.  No more.

I will never again let a liar and a thief rampage through my life expecting him to value what he is given.   I would rather be alone than suffer another fool.  Diminishing returns are not my thang.

Monkey man on my back.   A crazed fan who thought he knew me from seeing me on the TV and was appalled by who I actually am.  Even how old I am.  Oh, God…thank you for delivering me from him.  There are occasions when no amount of forgiveness will do.

As for going back home to LA?  I sent a picture of my cock and sack to my worst enemies and told them to expect me home soon.    I let them know that they might have been wishing for a different outcome but their prayers failed.

That includes you…my Westchester readers.  Go fuck yourselves.

The first thing that needs to happen?   The house comes off the market.

The second thing that happens?   I make my next movie.  Try stopping me.

The third thing that happens?  I move back to NYC .

If I ever see his ugly mug again?  I will chase him up the street like the cheap crook he is.  God didn’t give me a second chance to get weak..he gave me a second chance to make my dreams come true.

I do not need a man to make me whole.  I am whole.  I am strong.  I do not need to love a man to make me feel complete, nor do I feel lonely when I am alone.

I have never needed anyone but quite by chance I have you…the people who read this and make me feel better, connected…thank you…again…thank you.  The people who only met me on the TV, the people who know me for real…the people who opened their houses and their hearts during this most terrible few months.

I left school when I was 16.  I did everything I could to survive-including not sleeping with every man who promised me a dream.   My greatest adventures are still to come.

Did you like the picture of me and the Picasso?  I thought that sitting below a $35, 000, 000 picture would give you a clue to where I can sit when I put my mind to it.