It’s quite a chore this nasty flu bug.   I couldn’t sleep a wink all night…my skin felt as if it were being burned from my flesh, my eye balls bursting out of my skull, sweat pouring from brow and pits.

Then, at dawn, the temperature abated and I was left floating in a semi daze on my damp bed.  The Little Dog looking closely at my face as if I wasn’t anyone he knew.

My hosts and I all fell at the same fence so spent today in our rooms.  I made my way out of the house to buy thick pea and bacon soup from Dave’s Deli on Harbour Street.   The dog crapped outside The Oyster Co.   I broke all my rules and bought some linctus for my throat and cough.

Ed called…rather miserable that I couldn’t meet him in town.  Charlie called to discuss our trip to Sundance.   Can’t wait.  Gabe emailed to rearrange my trip to Florence.

Wondered what I would do for NYE as this flu will take a few days to shift.   No Florence until the 3rd January.    I have never had a dud NYE in sobriety..really hope this isn’t the first.   Can you imagine it?   A raging fever watching Susan Boyle on YouTube.  Happy New Year!

Got to sleep now…got to sleep.