Remarkably elegant going away party last night.  We sat around the fire.  Some people brought gifts.   The food was welcome after a long day schlepping around town erranding.  My word.  Erranding.

I started the day at therapy..of course.  AA.  Felt great after.  Had breakfast with my right-wing (almost fascist) Palisades friends who are just delighted that Obama, as they promised when he was elected, has shown no leadership skill whatsoever because, they say, he wants everyone to like him.

I know someone like that.

I am on the plane writing this..on my way East.

I drove up Sunset to Doheny and over to Robertson in near perfect driving conditions to the doctors to pick up all the scans and notes etc. which were neatly downloaded onto a DVD for me to take home to my doctor.   My LA doctor told me not to worry..well everyone does.  “Don’t worry…”  they say pityingly.

I called my Mother to tell her that I would be home.  I called Carol and she told me to stay with her in Whitstable.   I am beginning to relax about going home.

At noon I went to speak/lead at a huge men’s meeting on the West Side.   I talked my flawed recovery.  I felt very emotional sharing my journey with a room stuffed full of very straight men.

I am happy that I will be in Whitstable  even though the last time I was there I was with him.

I had to drop Willie off at Frank’s place in Hollywood.  Willie is such a baby so we love him very much and I am tearing up writing this..I miss him already.

Bad turbulence.  Scarily bad.  Christian Camargo is on the plane.  He played Henry Wooten in my Dorian Gray.  Good to see him.  You’ll know him from Dexter.

I keep seeing Alex O’laughlin the actor who I used to lend a helping hand when we lived in Sydney.  I’ll find some pictures of him.  He was gorgeous when he was 19.  Gorgeous.  JBC and I took him away with us to a tropical island.  Now look at him…all grown up and living in weho and making films with his shirt off opposite Jennifer Lopez.