Isolating Can be Fun!

Woke up too late for therapy.  Haven’t been for days.  As my leg heals and I begin to face the onslaught I feel myself edge toward isolation once again.   A perfect prison.  This house is so beautiful..why leave?

Isolation: the great and enduring refuge of the addict/alcoholic.

I have a bunch of Billy Childish paintings that I am going to sell, apparently there is now a market for them.  I am limping through this economic disaster like so many people.  I have paintings for sale in two major auctions this winter.

I’ll get by.  Just like all the rest.

The economic situation will not kill me.  My balls may.

Jennifer popped by yesterday as I lay on the couch with my leg elevated wrapped alternately in ice and thick socks.   This morning it feels a whole heap better but I don’t want to test it by jogging down the hill now do I?

Everything in the valley is green once again after the heavy rain.  It takes no time at all for nature to change its clothes.  It’s going to take a few weeks to dry out over here in Malibu.  Now, now that it’s California Autumn.  My deck is still damp.  As Jen pointed out within one week we have had a 50 degree temperature slide.  This time last week it was 110 degrees.  I always think about the firemen when it rains heavily.  Just how happy they must be.  Perhaps we have escaped the fires once again this the rain falls the fuel grows around me for the next big fire.

Watching home buying/selling/renovating shows on TV.  Houses back East are OK.  The further West, the worse the interiors.  Until you get to LA: The Land That Taste Forgot.  I watch one show after another..unless the houses/people are too ghastly then I look at the food network.  Chefs battling with each other to win thousands of dollars.  Chefs as gladiators.


I have no interest watching anything even vaguely dramatic.  I dip into TV drama occasionally but the acting is stilted.  The stories are dull.  The lighting, more often than not, too dark and moody.   Less light seems to equal serious to the average director/DP.

The dogs are totally bored.

Ashley and Aaron took Willie out yesterday but The Lil Dog refuses to leave my side.

They have stopped grading the Rambla Pacifico road repair.  There is some small legal issue that they need to solve.  It depresses me when I can’t see them working down there.  Rapunzel up here needs that fucking road finished.

I must admit that I spend more and more time looking at unsavoury, addictive web sites.  The less time I spend in therapy the more time I am at my computer screen..looking…wondering…thank GOD Ashley is downstairs.

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I am chronically ill so I lay allot in bed watching TV or surfing the web. I don’t like drama it makes me a little uncomfortable all that tension. I watch a lot of science documentaries I want to no how things work how bridges are made, how animals live, Watt make people do the things they do. the world amazes me over and over again.

Duncan, thanks for the heads up on the Nigel Dempsey book. Can’t wait to read it.
I just re-read ‘The L shaped Room ‘ by Lynn Reid Banks. Found it at the library here in this town that time forgot. I looked at the ticket , it had only been taken out twice.
I loved it, that look into the 60’s old fashioned attitudes, don’t you think it’s time for a remake of the book? Film I mean. Laurance Harvey played the lead I think, and was it Samatha Eggar who played the girl? oh I don’t know, but it is a delicious book, read it while you are layed up.
I read more Dominic Dunne books, again from the library, I ordered the books and they came winging their way from all the four corners of Wisconsin, 8 in all.’The way we lived then’ was fascinating, photos of all the rich and famous and their accompanying scandals.DD was the Nigel Dempsey of America, your writing really reminds me of Dominic Dunne.
I hope you heal well and enjoy the time, it seems that Ashley’s arrival was perfect timing, maybe you are meant to be layed up to reflect on the next stage of your exciting and blessed life.You are a lucky man despite your trials.

That’s so weird, I was just thinking of that book “The L-shaped Room” just a couple of days ago. The reason being is the woman in the story has to move into this horrible apartment and has ….. Bed Bugs!!! I still have my copy.

Duncan get one of those Velcro brace things from the drug store before putting any weight on that leg.

Try not to go blind from the unsavory web sites!

wow, that is wierd. It is so old fashioned, no other way to describe it, not dated as it is very classic, great descriptions.

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