Did you know that I used to be a fashion illustrator?  I found these images..I will post them as and when I post new blog entries…

Really enjoying my free head.  Really loving being free from the shackles of obsessive love.  Really talented.

Willy, the new dog, has found the hat we wore in France and is eating it.

Today I am working more on the treatment.  JA got back to me late last night..loving the idea.   This is a keeper.

It’s 8am and Ashley and I are sitting together working on our respective projects.  It’s like being at Film School all over again.  Except, of course, we are in the thick of it.  Hollywood I mean.

Anyway, must get on.  Have a lovely day my darling blog readers.

I keep adding more as I find them.  Some of these are really beautiful.

Ok, these will be the last for today.