Today I wrote the first outline of the treatment.

The film treatment is a piece of prose, typically the step between the GREAT IDEA and the first draft of a screenplay for a motion picture.  The first step to making what will be my 6th low-budget feature.

It flowed, as I thought it might, with considerable ease.  I called Charlie and discussed it with him, he gave great notes.  He just has that sort of brain.

Why did I call Charlie?  Because I want him to pay for it.  I then sent the outline to JA.  Why did I send it to JA?  Because between us there isn’t anyone anywhere who makes or is in some small way involved with or finances or post produces film who we can’t get to.

He will get back to me when he has time.

Now, that is the first great lesson when you start the process of making a film..patience.  You must have PATIENCE.  There are rarely, at this stage, immediate responses.  In fact, as you will see, the long wait is what the film maker is forced to accept again and again…things happen in God’s time rather than yours.

If you are in any way impatient…well..forget being a film maker.

The other great fact about low-budget film making:  NOBODY WANTS TO MAKE YOUR FILM.  So, you may as well get used to people saying NO from day one.  If you are in any way sensitive to the word ‘no’ then film making is not going to be a game you will ever enjoy.  Yet, saying that, I always advise any film maker to never accept no for an answer.  Somebody, somewhere will eventually say yes.

Be tenacious!

Derek Jarman taught me that.  He said, “Never take no for an answer Duncan.”

Within a few hours of deciding to make my movie I made a classic error:  I told a far more established writer at my therapy group my great idea.  BAD MOVE.  Keep good ideas to your chest!  This particular writer knows what a vindictive freak I can be so he better keep his mouth shut.

Still, I fretted all day about it.

Making a gay film for a gay audience.  A niche film?  In many ways this will be the most commercial of any of the films I have ever written.

It deals with: Big Ideas! and Universal Truths!

I am comfortable making niche films.  I know my audience, I know the business model and I enjoy trolling around the gay film festival circuit when the film is made.

You will be pleased to hear that this film will not be about Jake!  Although, that particular story would indeed make a great film…closeted lieing homo meets TV Reality Star and regrets it..deeply.  I just can’t be bothered.

YOU make that film.

Needless to say I am excited about starting this process and knowing me it will one day be a movie.  Now, that’s a word  I rarely use…excited.

Everyday, in some way, do something that will make your film a reality.

Yesterday went to Sharon’s birthday party.  Took a fine piece of art out of my collection and gave it to her.  Hope she appreciates it.  She can always give it back.

Days and nights filling up with fascination and intrigue.  I may indeed give sperm this week to my friend who wants a baby.