103 degrees.  Listening to The XX.  It’s hot weather music.  I have to get out of the heat.  There is a stiff, hot breeze coming off of the sea lending no relief what so ever.

I am going to lay in the Piette’s pool.

That’s what I need.  A pool.

I could just throw myself into the sea.

The dogs are utterly miserable.

Yesterday’s lunch was great fun.  So much fun…I totally forgot to take pictures.  People started turning up at 12.30 and there was a steady stream until 4pm.  I cooked the organic pork loin on the grill along with the chicken breast that I marinated in maple syrup.  Roasted potatoes and beats.  A huge salad including the big black figs that I picked from my tree.

Lively conversation.

Had dinner with Toby in Malibu at The Lumber Yard..Cafe Habana.   It was severely lacking.  I ate the fish tacos.

Recognized twice yesterday, once in Cafe Habana and again in Starbucks.  Always pleases me.

I couldn’t even sleep with a sheet covering me last night.

The problem with the stiff, hot breeze is that this reminds me of when the fires came two years ago.

This morning in therapy I shared that I should go to Resentment Anonymous.  I sat in that room feeling angry and fearful.  However, saying that my anger and fear was mainly with and about that room.  I hate going to therapy when things are NORMAL.  During the past months I really needed my support group.  Now, of course, they just irritate me.

I may go to the UK sooner than expected.

It will be autumn there.

I hate the idea of leaving Willie behind but really I have no option.

Frank flew off to Atlanta.  When Willie saw him yesterday he cried with joy.  It was so adorable.  The Little Dog has his own human friends but Frank isn’t one of them.

Too hot, my eyes are sore from sweat dripping into them and dryness.