Still not bothering to go to parties.  I will tonight tho.  It’s my last night in H’wood apartment so am taking dogs to art party in Beverly Hills.  Maybe.

Maybe?  Well, nearer the time I just might sort my cupboards instead.

Last night I stayed over with Jennifer and Jason at their house in deep Malibu.

Slept very badly.  Nightmare:  In the dream The Little Dog had lost a paw and was trying to keep up with me but was in terrible pain.  I don’t know who said it, maybe Freud, that every element of a dream is you.  It is all me.  I am the little dog trying to keep up even though I am in terrible pain.

Jennifer’s grocery delivery business goes from strength to strength.  She now has a refrigerated truck for deliveries.  I am very excited to receieve my first Out of The Box Collective visit on Saturday.

Ashley is throwing a party at the house on Sunday so I assume we will be eating everything they deliver, all the fresh, organic food..then.

I had a great clearing out day.   Draws and cupboards emptied.  Two great bags of junk taken directly to the trash.

I feel like a gulf has opened up between me and what I can achieve.  I work best when it is for or with someone.  How did I achieve half the things I achieved?

Maybe I didn’t achieve anything at all.