Dogs Rant


The house by day is magical.

Jason and Hillary, quite separately, popped by and both brought lunch.  Hillary arrived with a friend’s dog called Willy who decided to pee on everything the moment he came indoors.

Hillary made a delicious gazpacho and Jason brough chevre and smoked salmon.  Three mad brits eating an Enid Blyton lunch in our tree house over looking the ocean.

I ate bread which I bitterly regret having eaten today.  I am bloated and my tummy aches.

The house after dark can be a little noisy.  I lay in the dark listening to the raccoons squabble, the coyote’s howl and the owls hoot.   The little dog had a restless night, so, of course did I.   He was up and down the stairs shouting at anything that disturbed him.  After an hour of this nonsense I closed the windows and he slept peacefully.

It was meant to be in the 100’s all week but by last night in Malibu it was colder than Whitstable.  I am sure the firemen are very happy as there have been so few wild-fire warnings.  Everything is very damp in the morning from the thick mist that rolls off the sea.

Jason left and Hillary and I decided to take the dogs for a long walk along the length of the new road (Rambla Pacifico) that leads to the PCH.  The house is now walkable from the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and since they started building the Rambla Pacifico extension empty lots are now for sale, lot owners who abandoned their lots 26 years ago are on the mountain with contractors discussing driveways and bedrooms with ocean views.  There is a certain excitement up here which cannot be ignored.

I applaud myself for paying so little for this house.  I just KNEW that one day the road would be built..who knew that it would be so soon?

Apparently I am not the only resident who regularly walks the muddy track which will one day be our new road/life line.  We saw a man armed with shopping bags marching over the hillocks.  Everyone is so impatient to feel less isolated.

It is only a few weeks until the rainy season starts so they must get a move on and finish this project.  The worst that could happen is that heavy rains come before it is finished and all their hard work is washed away.

If only Malibu would buy the road so it can be used by everyone rather than a select few.

Watched TV until midnight…yes there is a TV here and fell into bed.  I watch home improvement shows and laugh gently at how cheap and ill-conceived the ‘improvements’ are.

The Lil Dog was exhausted from running after Willy all day and his long walk but not, apparently,  exhausted enough.

P.S.  The despicable Glenn Beck is holding his reclaim America from anyone who isn’t white rally today in Washington.  For those of you who underestimate the ambition of people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin I urge you to take notice of their message.  They are determined to undermine the goodwill and inclusive character of this great country and, my friends, they will succeed just like their right-wing predecessors.  They will use all the usual tactics:  fear mongering, false patriotism and the invocation of their malevolent God.  These men and women are not clowns, we cannot afford to grandly sneer at their absurd antics.  For as the liberal elite laugh in their grotesque faces they are gathering speed.  If we are not very careful it will be soon too late for those of us who believe in freedom to stop them for we were too busy laughing.

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you have it dead on D, these people are seriously scary and that they can brainwash masses terrifys me, Everything that is good and right in this country will be all for nothing if we let them take over. Please remind us that to get involved really takes so little time, its for the benefit of those who cant speak, the wild horses being round up (and slaughtered by the BLM) to make way for big intrest oil and gas companys and cattle ranchers, the mentally ill , the poor, including immigrants who want so badly to be a part of this country. And if it wasnt for immigrants, none of us would be here, including myself,(2nd generation).
you will settle in to life back in Malibu, change is good and needed for the soul at times. Wake up and see the ocean , you really are lucky dear.


Beautiful picture. I am so glad that you are in tune with the beauty that surrounds you there in Malibu. I know that it will feed your soul and give you peace.

The little dog will calm down once he gets used to the new noises. He thinks that he has to be the pack leader and claim the territory for you and him. And scare off all the “intruders”. I keep thinking of an episode of “I Love Lucy” when the Ricardos finally moved to the suburbs and they couldn’t sleep because it was too quiet. They were used to all the city noises and subconsciously missed them after
living in the heart of the city for so long. LOL They soon adjusted ad loved their new digs. *Metal Rabbit, with permission, gives Duncan a big bear hug.*



BTW, Enid Blyton. Did you read her when you were a kid? The stories of those young friends going on adventures all on their own in the wide world. And coming through victorious. Sounds a bit like young Duncan. Albeit, without the posse. 🙂

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