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Police Cell

Decided to stay an extra week in London.

Woke up at 11.30 this morning.  That is LATE for me.  Me!  Me who is usually up so early.  Anyway, we were going back to Whitstable today but I ended up spending the better part of my day at Chelsea Police Station.


You may well ask.

A drama unfolded at the house that included a cast of unruly, drunk children a lost iPod touch and me trying to enforce an adolescent exit strategy.  I mean, getting 5 unwelcome 15-year-old kids out of the house whilst Phil was at her Dad’s.  Anyway, it all ended up with me being arrested and taken to the police station and then being let go.

The short story is this:  I accused them of stealing an iPod touch.  They accused me of spitting at them, which is a total lie, but it had to be investigated.  So, I got cuffed and dragged to the police station.

Of course, our accusations were ignored.  Impossible to substantiate.

Firstly, can I tell you how utterly charming the policemen were in the station.  The  Desk Sergeant, the constables, the detective..all utterly considerate and thoughtful and even though I had to spend an hour in a cell it really did not matter.  Even the cell was clean, the toilet flushed and someone had stenciled a note for a drug ‘help line’ on the ceiling.

Much has changed since I was arrested 30 years ago.

Fingerprints are scanned, mug shots digital and every time I had to sign my name it was on a pad like you would find in a bank.  Of course there were the usual host of nutter types being held there but sadly, since the mental hospitals were closed down the police and prison service are used to hold the insane until they can be reclaimed by the broken mental health system.

The detective who interviewed me was really good looking.  Big blue eyes.

Now I just feel ghastly.  I felt like crying in the station.  How could this have happened?  That kind of sad moment.   In fact..I did shed a tear when the nice detective was interviewing me.  Had odd feeling of shame telling him that I was gay.

I felt like I was defending our honor against those kids.   They were HORRIBLE.

I am going to Victoria Station to help Jake and the Little dog who went off to Whitstable for the day.

More about this tomorrow.

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There is something very disquieting about being arrested and questioned. It’s a challenge to your self image, as you well know. Don’t be ashamed of your reaction. Keep calm and document everything that happened. What you might want to do is a trick I learned long ago. Write an account of everything that happened, put it in an envelope and send it to yourself via registered post. When it arrives, don’t open it. If there is legal action down the road, which is always a possibility, you’ll have a contemporary account of what happened. Take care.


I am so terribly sorry for what happened to you and for the old, bad feelings that it brought up. I agree with Sonia that you should write down everything that happened and keep it in a sealed envelope; mailing it to yourself might be too impractical. I might suggest that you contact a solicitor/barrister if you haven’t already done so to see about having the charges expunged as soon as possible. I would also suggest that you look into how to either locking it or deleting all the info on your iPod touch. Just so no one else has access to your e-mails, calendar, phone numbers and any other personal info that might be on there such as personal diary entries. Again, I am so, so sorry. (((Hugs)))

I must ask, though, since you haven’t mentioned it… where was Phil’s daughter in all this? Didn’t she defend you? I would hope that she did. Oh, btw, I think that your iPod Touch might have a GPS and it might be traceable. In other words, the GPS would show where it is on a map of London. (You would have to contact Apple. In case you have to nuke it, as well.) I will say a prayer but I know that all of this will be straightened out with no more repercussions. Remember, always, that you are upheld by Love and Light.



Oh Boy! this could only happen to you, lmao , sorry for seeing the irony. DUNCAN, what the hell? I am glad the bobbies were nice.No charges were made were they? I know it works a bit different in the UK.The boy’s in blue are not as aggresive and uptight as here.
Metal Rabbit, you have to stop worrying about our dear boy so much. He and Jake will have a good laugh about this in a few days.
Any road up D, enjoy the now. Find lot’s of good things to do, roll up your pants and go for a paddle in the sea. I hope your family visit goes great , I know you ahve a new baby to visit.
Love and Light.

my word… you do like an adventure…!!

hope your all ok now and looking back at it thinking… ‘did that just happen… mmm… lovley blue eyes… where will I go for dinner tonight…???’

X & Smiles SJG

Wow. I didn’t know that spitting was a crime…unless, of course, you’re in Singapore. Interestingly, the 5 drunken, uninvited teenagers were free to roam. That’s messed up.

What was your hostess’ take on all that transpired? SO sorry Duncan not sure how you get all the luck.

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