Stopping over in Phoenix.  The very best thing about this wi-fi.  Genuinely free.  Flight to Arizona on route to Burbank.    Excruciatingly early flight from Newark, but Newark seems so much closer to Manhattan than JFK.  It only took 15 mins. to get from the East Village to bag drop off in the rather elegantly designed 70’s terminal.

The flight promised to be bumpy but is anything but.  Smooth, calm, good coffee and cute neighbors.

Woke up early yesterday.  Too early.  Walked around Tompkin Square Park with the dog who just freezes when ever he sees a squirrel, transfixed by so many squirrels in the trees.  Once in the park he sits rather regally with me and refuses to run around with other dogs unless there is some sort of barking palava going on and then he’ll join in.

I met a very sweet man in the dog park yesterday, Greg.  He has a wire-haired puppy, incredibly good-looking with big brown eyes.   Greg or the dog?   New York is chock full of very sexy looking people and dogs.

On the walk home from the West Village to the East Village last night I was stopped by a very nice man who chatted with me and Dan and gave me his email address.  It is so very good for the soul to be noticed, looked at, validated – although I must keep that sort of behavior in check.  I imagine that the hunt for a bf is on again.

So, what of the mysterious travelling companion?   The one who loathes me writing about him?  Well, we are friends I suppose!   He is very supportive and helpful and encouraging.  He is off with his parents enjoying his family vacation.   That’s all there is to say.  We will see.  No plans to see each other any time soon.

I think that the little dog may just have farted..though I think it may be the humans in the row in front.  I spoke too soon about how comfortable this flight is.

Yesterday, after Greg and the dog park and coffee with Anna at Mud I had a busy day in the city.  I had morning meeting with auction house about selling the rest of my art, stopped in at Alexander McQueen and tried on a pair of terribly expensive trousers that I could not justify buying.   Dogs still interdit at Soho House so had lunch with Michael at the dog friendly Mercer, we bumped into Nadine Johnstone and her PR crew then randomly Meg Ryan who I had met at TED event last year.  That woman needs a job!  She looks great.

After lunch I had a quick nap, took dog for walk, had first of two dinners at the Hummus Place then met Dan over on West 4th for second dinner.

When I opened my email I found an offer to perform in another film!  Two in as many months.  I dare not think about acting as a late start career as it can be so painfully, miserably tough.  Actually, talked about just this issue with John Lyons last night.  He is off to London today to see Cary F’s director’s cut of Jane Eyre.  I would love to be a fly on the wall for that screening.

Anyway, let’s talk about me being an actor.  If I pull it off and make a career from it I would have come full circle as that, my dear readers, is how I started.    I am certainly unable to write at the moment.  I need to get out of my head and be a human doing rather than a human being.    Thinking too much causes me too much sadness and perhaps this writer’s block is just a sign!  Gods way of getting me out of the house and away from my laptop.

I really did speak too soon!  The flight is bumpy.  Yuk.

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If one or both of the films would be fun to work on, then why hesitate? Carpe Diem. If you get the projects, decide if you want to be a career actor after completion. Try not to put the cart before the horse. It’s fun to see what unfolds from our experiences and for now, perhaps you can think of these opportunities as ‘career a la carte’.


If Claude Rains stats are accurate, he was born in 1889, making him 44 when he made his first film in 1933. His last film was in 1965. Not bad for someone who got a late start acting in film. So, there’s a role model for you, as if you needed one. Plus, you’ve already been an actor, so this should be like riding a bicycle. And it will make it pretty hard for you to cocoon yourself, which you seem to have a tendency to do whether you are solitary or pursuing a relationship, spending all your psychic energy in weaving silken protective threads in which you get stuck. All to the better then that you will be forced to be on the move. At least part of the time.

And who says that acting has to be your entire career? Plenty of people go from acting to directing to working in theater and back again. Why not you? Why does it have to be one thing or the other?

As for the age factor, you are trying to stay rooted in a spiritual world where the physical world’s laws are superseded. We are told that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains. That you’ve surmounted your various addictions and have thrived, should give you proof that you can muster that faith to your aid as long as the path you’re trying to walk is to your soul’s ultimate good. Be Merlin. Keep your wisdom but age backward and be an exemplar of what’s possible with faith and steadfastness.




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