Palisades, Coffee Bean.  Free Wi-Fi.  6am.

Without much effort I achieved a great deal yesterday.

I woke of the benefits of jet lag I suppose.  I sat down first thing and wrote a long list of things to do and accomplished most all of them.

Started the day at my regular Wednesday morning therapy meeting.  Breakfast with the boys..usual crowd.  Later I told friends how happy my long trip away had made me.  It had been a reminder of how life could have been.  Cramming a 20-year relationship into the past six months.   Warts an’ all.

Ending up as friends…that’s a good thing.   Funny to think just how intense, intimate, loving, abrupt, fiery and passionate one can be with just one small man.

Sent off script to a writers’ workshop that I would love to attend this October.  It’s my Brothers script, which is in bad need of development.  I originally thought that Pink could play the lead female.  Pink, now that’s an unwritten story.  What a gorgeous human being she is.

Met Luce the cleaning lady at the Malibu house.  Drove to supermarket, bought detergent, loo rolls, kitchen paper and pan scrubbers.   Paid water bill, looked at my huge phone bill incurred whilst in Europe and felt sick.

Went to bank and had $100 of charges removed from my account.  Bastards.

I don’t think I am going to be so lucky with AT&T.

Met with lawyer and dealt with stuff in Woodland Hills.  No time like the present to: get new iPhone and organize for lap-top to be repaired.

I ran into a delightful Brazilian talent agent intern whilst having bugs resolved in my sync..

After the chaos of The Grove I sat in John’s kitchen giggling about life.  I really am in a very good mood.

New renters arrived yesterday.  4 instead of 2 as contracted.  I have to go to house today and deal with this.   It’s such a bloody bore.  Renters can be such lying shits.

Had dinner at Unami Burger with Justin.  I ate crab.  He needs a manager..don’t we all?

Grateful for:  New Road.  Early Mornings.  Chilly Evenings.  You Tube.  Good Health.