Nothing to Report

It has been an exciting few days.   Very Hollywood..just like it used to be before I moved to Malibu.

I can’t really report anything actual as I feel like keeping life secret.  I suppose this is how it has to be.  This time next week I will be elsewhere, gone from LA and occasionally I look around me and wonder why I have stayed so long.

All in all I have absolutely nothing to complain about, in fact I have been a bit of a nag recently and it doesn’t suit me.  Not at all.

I am going to act in my friend Ryan’s film tomorrow.  That should be a great deal of fun then I am seeing a show tomorrow night.  Each day that passes brings me closer to Europe, to home, to familiarity.

I am working very hard to make sure that nothing ruins the good time I have planned.

One reply on “Nothing to Report”


Subtitle “All Quiet On The Western Front — Or I’m Not Telling”. LOL

You’re acting in a friend’s film tomorrow?! You drop that little tidbit and that’s IT? Student film, indie film… what film, dude? You know that all of us will want to go see it just for you.

Why you’ve stayed so long…. You were meant to meet the people you have, especially, Dr. Drew which gave you the opportunity to experience reality television (I think that you could get at least a good magazine piece out of THAT.) and be blessed to achieve another level in your sobriety. Big Dog gave you the gift of her love and her sacrifice to open your heart. You saved ‘Lil Dog. And you met Jennie. All in all, not bad, I’d say. But that’s just me. 😉

Stay in the NOW and centered in your trust of ALL THAT IS/LIGHT & LOVE and I KNOW that nothing will spoil your good time plans. Anyone negative is just background noise and you can tune them out.



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