Gay Rant

Martha Wainwright

Justin Bond at Joe’s pub last night with Jake and Joan.

A slight show but worth the effort because Martha Wainwright sang two enchanting songs.  Two few.  We were desperate for more.

You know that I love and have always loved the McGarrigle’s.

Of course there are extraordinary similarities between Martha and her mother Kate McGarrigle.  Joan, Joe, Jake and I sat there entranced by her great beauty and talent.

Dinner before show at Indochine, still a bit anxious about eating anything that may poison me.  I am on the don’t get poisoned diet.

Briefly…  Justin Bond.  Look, I don’t mean to be a bitch but when you are sharing a stage with a hugely talented person like Martha it can only serves to highlight ones own limitations.

I know that some people think that Justin deserves some sort of divine glorification before his eventual gay sainthood… but I am not one of them.

He’s a decent performer but he is neither a great singer nor actor.  What does he have going for him?  He is simply an all round nice guy.

Maybe that’s enough?

A saint is always someone through whom we catch a glimpse of what God is like — and of what we are called to be. Only God ‘makes’ saints, of course.

It’s raining in New York so stayed in and wrote and pottered around happily in my room over looking the river and looked at the lesbian menopause infomercial Anna and I made at my house.

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RFLMAO. Loved your friend Anna’s commercial. Nice place by the way. You mentioned that it gets a lot of light. You can see that at the end. Reminded me of the line from one of Joni Mitchell’s songs (Chelsea Morning…?) about sunlight coming in like butterscotch.

Whoo Hoo! You had a great time! No aggravating artistes. No food poisoning. You’re on a roll. 😉

As for Justin Bond, I checked out several links, including reading on his page and listening to “Pink Slip”, and I think that people are entranced because of his bravery and what he has to say, not necessarily, his being a tremendous chanteuse. When you perform as a character (The theory of psychosynthesis would say a subpersonality.), I would think that despite your best efforts, that it might dilute the purity of whatever that you’re trying to transmit. Gotta say though, that anyone who was as freaked/fascinated by “The Devils” as I was (Went back & read the Huxley book. Yikes.) is okay by me.

You seem to prefer a certain type of female voice and presence, and having checked out “Dancer With Bruised Knees” and “I Know You’re Married But I Have Feelings Too” by Anna & Kate McGarrigle and Martha Wainwright, respectively, I can see how Justin Bond in both presentation and vocal quality would suffer in comparison. Don’t know if I would have presented them on the same bill but there you are.

Thanks for showing the view. Nice. (Even if it’s raining… ah, what an expressionist painter could make of that. Photographs! Photographs to play with transmuting on the computer. Maybe fun for a rainy day?) After seeing a glimpse of skyline in the last picture, I was thinking about asking you to open the curtains & give us all a taste of the view. 🙂 Cheers.



Aman? Yeesh. Where is my brain going these days. Must have had Middle-earth on the subconscious and the fingers tapped in and typed. 😉

You’ve mentioned Justin before w/ nothing but compliments. Different people, different talents. VERY ungracious of you. As you no doubt know, many artists won’t perform with anyone who might overshadow them – nice to know Justin Bond is bigger than that.

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