So, another radical Joe hits the airwaves-literally.  Last year it was Joe the Plumber and this year it’s Joe Stack the radicalized taxpayer.   I can only repeat what I have been saying for some considerable time:  The first strike from the dispossessed will come sooner or later and this may very well be the opening volley.

However we may dismiss Joe Stack’s angry, murderous ways he has perfectly articulated the frustration so many folk have with the system. There are a lot of disenfranchised people out there who will consider this guy a hero. Unemployed, homeless, in foreclosure, hopeless, powerless-millions of them.

All they need is a moment of clarity to start fighting for their lives.

Revolutions begin at moments like this.  Everybody knows just how unfair the tax system is.  This week I read that the top ten percent of taxpayers pay less tax than anyone else.

The ‘haves’ are not been factoring in the desperation of the ‘have nots’.

I write all the time about how little taxpayers in this country get for their huge tax bills other than unsanctioned or covert wars that line the pockets of the already super rich.

What is the government of a bankrupt country like the USA doing engaging in wars the people cannot afford whilst it cannot provide decent healthcare or education?

As for my friends who bleat about the loss of life-life is cheap isn’t it?  How many of you howled when 12 innocent people were killed in your name in Afghanistan last week?

I am reminded again and again by my less philanthropic friends that America was designed without safety nets.  Pity.